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The Code Race

August 26, 2011
By spiritiris BRONZE, Blacksburg, Virginia
spiritiris BRONZE, Blacksburg, Virginia
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"Writing a story is like driving through the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can get the whole way that way."
~E. L. Doctorow

The Eternal Rule of the Afterlife states so clearly what must happen for the Code Race to begin. When enough Light Guardians have crossed to the Dark, in a way making both sides equal in population, no one can cross or enter the Afterlife until the Code Race has finished.

There have always been Dark Angels. But as soon as you enter the Afterlife, you are immediately a Light Angel. Which is why our side has never had anything to worry about.

One thing we hadn't been noticing, though, was the Dark side growing, and massive amounts of angels crossing over. We should have foreseen that through the Dark Sickness epidemic that started years ago, though.

Too late. Now the current mortals trying to enter the Afterlife are stuck inside the Crossover Building, where the race must begin. Only when the Race is over and one side wins then they can enter.

In the entire history of the Afterlife, there is one other instance where the Code Race occurred. The Dark side was defeated terribly, and their numbers were greatly reduced. We too many precautions to keep the same from happening again.

That was hundreds of years ago in mortal time. I hadn't even been born as a mortal yet. The Dark side had taken advantage of the fact that we had to descent to perform the Race, and set the Dark Sickness on the mortals, which they called the bubonic plague. It is another way a Light Angel can cross, other than just choosing. Often we can be lured over.

The Code Race. Basically, the objective is this: Your team to be the first to enter your Code into the Pyxis. You have to find the Pyxis and the Code, which can be hidden anywhere on earth. If the Dark side enters their code first, it will become a disaster. Earth and the Afterlife will be consumed with demons until the Code Race can be started again.

That is why there is a tremendous amount of pressure set on the Teams, and I happen to be a tribute for the Light Team.

Of course, the Dark side chooses the last Dark Angel to cross over, as a way of honoring her. Her name is Veronica. She used to be my best friend until Mathias led her over. No, he bribed her. He tempted her, like the snake had done to Eve.

Obviously, it worked. And luckily for the rest of the light angel population, I will do anything to get her back. Veronica doesn't belong there. She has to stay with me, and never will I cross.

The author's comments:
This I wrote before I found out about existentialism. It's kind of like existentialism in a modern, teenage-point-of-view style.

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bluelollipop said...
on Aug. 31 2011 at 7:32 pm
great!! just a little too much background but other than that it was a really original setup