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The Agency.

January 6, 2012
By avb1234 GOLD, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
avb1234 GOLD, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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He begged, as if that effected me. He screamed, as if that bothered me. I didn't feel it, his pleading didn't even make me blink an eye lash when I finally had mercy on him by giving him the sweet release of death. I was never sympathetic, I am not capable of the feeling. This man had done a bad thing, and now it was his time to pay up and he was going to pay in full. The agency I work for doesn't allow me to feel this so called "emotion," not that I did in the first place. That's why they hired me. I'm not like the others, I didn't have to be conditioned not to feel because I had been programmed that way since birth. I am the most efficient worker because I don't have pitiful "feelings" to get in the way of my work, my art. I don't consider my job murder, I am saving the lives of the innocent, the lives that would have been effected had I not taken the lives of the evil. I know that I am an efficient worker, however my agency doesn't trust me, just like the rest of their workers. I was implanted with the chip, just like everyone else. The chip that if my company decides that my position has been terminated is just one flip of a switch from ending my life. This prevents reckless individuals in the firm from making there own "personal" kills, letting there emotions get the best of them, or going rouge on the company. Although some of the people I work with find this nerve racking,not knowing if your life will end this very second, I find it exhilarating. I have had some people call me a freak but I like to think of myself as more of an individual that lacks what the whole world is handicapped by. I can view things like the world cannot, clearly. I do not have "emotions" to get in the way of making a judgement call or causing problems in my decisions.


"Agent 294 we need you at 23 Maple Street. Blonde, white, female. Sentencing, death. We need this done quickly, now."

Just another day on the field. When I arrive at the house on Maple I realize it has been ransacked. My mission was on the floor crying. She did not beg me to spare her life, she did not scream. She simply looked at me. As I looked into her eyes I knew that they were not the eyes of a killer, let alone a dangerous person. I know what those eyes look like, I have them myself. She did not do anything that was worthy of death. If she did not harm the innocent, it was not my job to harm her. I turned to walk out the door when I received another message.

DIN. DIN. "Agent 294, you have not yet completed the mission."

My response to this message is simple and accurate "There was no mission. The woman was innocent."

DIN. DIN. "An mission was assigned. There is no question."

"There is no mission. She is innocent. I do not kill the innocent, I protect the innocent."

DIN. DIN. "You refuse. You have failed. Termination is immediate."

"It is not my job to----

DIN. DIN. "Goodbye Agent 294. Termination complete."

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