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The Luck of the Lightning

January 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Hi, my name is Shamus and I have quite a story to tell you. I am the prime minister of Ireland and had the greatest thing that ever happened to me taken away from me. In 1975, there was the greatest fairy tale ever made, only some people actually believe it. It took place in Cork, Ireland during the summer on a regular sunny day. A man named Peter and his girlfriend, Jane, were both seventeen and were a happy couple.

That sunny day suddenly turned dark, and big black clouds filled the sky: It started to downpour throughout all of Ireland. The two of them started to run through the open fields, and then it started to thunder and lightning. They kept running, and then Peter got struck by lightning. Jane didn’t notice him get struck by lightning so she kept running all the way home. Peter was lying on the ground and only could pray for someone to find him and help him. Next thing he knew, he was in an ambulance being taken to a hospital.
Peter asked, “where am I and where am I going?”
The paramedic replied, “You are in an ambulance because you got struck by lightning and we are taking you to the hospital.”
He asked, “Where is Jane?”
“Who?” replied the paramedic
“My girlfriend, she is the beautiful thing that ever walked this earth with blonde hair, the nicest blue eyes and as soft of skin as a baby” said Peter.
“Oh you mean the girl that is dating the new minister man named Shamus” said the paramedic.
Peter hollered back, “What are you talking about; we are planning the wedding for August 15th, of 1976.”
The paramedic said to the driver, “we better hurry up because this guy is hallucinating and thinks it is still 1976.”
“What is the date?” said Peter.
“August 15th 1980” said the paramedic.

They finally arrived to the hospital and Peter went to get a cat-scan to see if any damage was done to his internal organs from the lightning. He ended up being fine, and there was no damage to him at all. The weird thing was that the last thing Peter remembered is that day of the accident, almost as if he were dead for the last five years. Peter said he was extremely hungry, and all of a sudden he had a steak and a potato sitting on his lap on his hospital bed. Next he wished for a coke, and there was a coke next to his steak. It’s as if the lightning hadn’t done any harm but had granted him any wish he wanted. Once he had realized that his wishes came true, he started to wish for fame and fortune to try and win Jane back from me; me Shamus.

Before I heard Peter was back in the picture, Jane and I were both having a lot of fun with each other, and he wanted to propose to her, but then Peter came back to her and I could tell she wanted him more then me.

The first wish was to be the richest man in Europe. He arrived in a mansion with televisions on every wall and a flat escalator that walked him throughout the house. He had only the best food prepared for him at every meal and had cars in his garage that still are not on the market today. After a fine breakfast he went to look for Jane to win her back with his wealth.
When he went to the prime minister’s home he saw Jane, and her jaw dropped as if she saw the man she had always loved, and he just appeared after she thought he was dead. Oh, I think, that’s what did just happen. Jane ran into his arms and hugged him with a lot more passion then she ever hugged me. Peter flew her in his private jet out to the best restaurant in Poland. There he had bragged about his wealth and how he was rescued that day in the park, but he could tell she wasn’t interested. After that dinner, he took her home and needed to make another wish to win Jane back from the greatest prime minister in Ireland.

His next wish was to be the funniest man in Ireland. That didn’t take much, so that wish didn’t last too long.

The next wish was to be the strongest and most athletic person in the world. He then had biceps as big as a bus and was as tall as a skyscraper. He wore tons of jewelry and had all the hottest fashion, if that is the right lingo. That day he saw Jane, and she looked impressed. He finally thought he won her back, but when he took her out that night he only talked about himself, and she wasn’t impressed. He went home again with his wishes not coming true. His next wish was to take him back to the day of the accident and make sure to have nobody remember these five years of misery. So he was back in the fields with Jane and made sure that he was inside before the storm.

That was the last that I have ever seen of Jane.

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