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Time Machine

January 8, 2008
By Anonymous

It was a regular day at CVJH. A group of friends were quietly sneaking around to the gym. Now the reason they were going into the gym was because there was a rumor that a bomb shelter was under the school bleachers. Well big whoop, a lot of old buildings still had bomb shelters, but in this bomb shelter, there was supposed to be something living inside of it. The thing was supposed to be trapped inside, from the early nineteen hundreds, around the beginning of World War 2, never to leave the school. Well the groups of five boys were going to find out whether it was true or not. They were Austin Carter, Kevin Urquhart, Devin Mcfarlane, Tanner Charles, and I, Josh Zushi.
I was leading the guys to the area of the supposed bomb shelter. I led them under the bleachers and toward the back. It was hard to move under the bleachers without making any noise, because of all the food wrappers, empty water bottles, and deflated balls, but we managed to make it through without making much noise. At the back of the bleachers, there was an oval trapdoor. It was aligned with metal around the shape, and had a ringed handle. We had to try to lift the big oval, though it was heavy. It weighed about four hundred pounds, but using leverage, we were able to swing it open.
We quietly crept down the new set of stairs that appeared out of the darkness, and we shone our cell phones down into the pit. The floorboards crept under us with each step we took, making the area even creepier. Once and a while, one of us would stumble or run into thick cobwebs hanging from the lowered ceiling. When we finally made it to the bottom, we were in a trance. The shelter was nothing compared to what we thought it would be. There were shag rugs here and there, a big plasma screen TV, a hot tub, a refrigerator loaded with soda, and a nice little sofa.
Now this was totally worth finding. Us guys were looking around at all of the cool things in there, all of the closets stuffed with canned foods, the kitchen, bedrooms… we got to this closet that was empty, and the guys thought it would be fun to shove me into it and bolted the door shut. Well it wasn’t fun. When they shoved me in there, they did it so hard that I hit my head down on something. It felt like a little lever. When my head hit it, it went down and all of these lights and beeping noises were blowing off.
I woke up later from my concussion, stood up, and tried to see if I could open the closet door. To my surprise it swung right open. But something was wrong. Where were the guys, and what happened to all of the furniture? Instead there was a room full of kids about my age, 13, and they all had the same expression on their faces, looks of terror. But this shelter hadn’t been used since WWII. I was stuck in World War II
Whoa wake up, what kind of creepy dream was this, and what was going on? Then I realized it. That closet was a time machine, and it brought me to this time. The kids were all crowded inside, lining up in alphabetical order. The teachers were calling names down the list, Brianna Abbot, Wilson Barnacle, Rock Belnap… whoa what the… Mr. Belnap! This was WAY before World War II!
The story behind it was that Rock was pulling on Brianna’s pigtails, and the punishment was that he had to stay in the shelter for five minutes. The teachers left Rock behind and locked him up. I, of course, being the genius I am, returned to my own time and told the guys what happened. They obviously thought I was crazy, and didn’t believe me.
Well at leas I know the true story of the “bomb shelter”, and why Mr. Belnap spends so much time in the gym.

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