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The Girl

February 26, 2012
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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Clary looked at the paper and almost cheered in her history class. She had been waiting for this for a long time. She slowly slid the piece of paper under her textbook and continued with her work, anticipating two forty.

Clary was the first out the door when the bell rang. She ran into her friend Dolly on the way out of the school. “Hey Clear.” She shouted across the school hallway, pushing past hundreds of students. “Hey Doll. I got it!” Clary announced jumping up and down. Dolly joined in her happy fest. “You are so lucky. I didn’t get my invite yet.” Dolly said starting to look downcast. “Hey Dolly.” A girl named Marsha greeted. She smiled and her braces glittered. “I forgot to tell you at lunch that Debbie told me to tell you that in the bathroom is your ticket in. I hope you know what that means.” She finished then walked away. Dolly looked at Clary and starting jumping up down again. Then they both zipped off to the girls’ bathroom by the lunchroom. They went into the forth stall and looked under the toilet. Under the toilet was a soggy piece of paper. “I really don’t want to touch that but this could be my way in.” Dolly said disgusted. She bent down and retrieved the paper. It was folded in half and sealed with wax. Dolly slowly broke the seal and opened the paper. She read it and the disgusted expression turned to disappointment. “I didn’t make it in. They said I was too, too, too” Dolly said, not able to finish her sentence. Clary snatched the paper and read over it. When she was done she looked up sadly at Dolly. “I’m sorry Dolly. I’ll ditch the meeting and we can go get slushes.” Dolly shook her head. “No, you cannot skip this meeting. You worked so hard on this and you will not give it all up for me. I am really not that important.” Dolly said. They walked toward the door. “After the meeting, meet me at Kornie’s Korndog.” Clary nodded and rushed out the door so she wouldn’t be late. Dolly was left by herself. She looked at her new All-stars and finally walked out. It was going to be a boring afternoon.

Clary arrived at the edge of the forest and chose a familiar path. She had walked this path since she was five and had never noticed the club’s entrance. As she walked she noticed how quiet everything was. It seemed like all the animals were in their home’s sleeping. Finally she came to a fork in the road. She didn’t choose either one and walked off trail until she came to an abandoned hut. It looked very uninviting. She knocked three times and waited for an answer. “Who there?” a voice asked from inside. “Hey diddle diddle.” She replied. The door swung open and Clary was face to face with the clubs security. He was wearing black and calmly stepped aside. “Straight through.” He directed. She nodded and walked down the short hallway. The inside was a lot nicer than the outside. The hallway was filled with pictures of long ago members and clocked in red velvet. Soon the hallway ended and she was in a small living room. Seven people were looking at her from the velvet couches. “Welcome Clarissa. You are now an official member of F.O.A.M.” Dianna announced. Her small speech was greeted with small applause. One of the people on the couch got up and handed Clary a jacket with the letters foam on it. Clary smiled but thought of Dolly and her smiled flickered. Dianna raised her eyebrow but chose to ignore it. “Members, it’s time.” She said. Everyone got up and surrounded Clary. “Clary, there is one more thing you must do to join us.” Dianna said smiling slowly. Dianna snapped and one of the members stepped inside the circle with Clary. Clary suddenly felt uncomfortable. Sweat rolled down her back. “What would that be?” she asked stuttering on her last word. “Don’t be scared Clarissa.” The girl inside the circle said, her blue eyes gleaming. She moved Clary’s hair from around her neck and got closer. Clary backed away. “What are you doing?” she asked the girl. The girl smiled and took a step closer to Clary. She lowered her mouth to Clary’s neck but then suddenly looked at her. “This won’t hurt that much.” Then she lowered her mouth to Clary’s neck and bit it.

“Wow Billy, you are so scary.” His girlfriend Marsha said rolling her eyes, “Everyone knows vampires aren’t real and I love how you made me the dorky kid with braces.” “You always ruin my stories, Marsha. I bet our new friend liked it.” He replied looking expectantly at the girl sitting across from him. “Sorry my friend, my girlfriend was not scared by your stupid tale. Right Julie?” his friend asked her. Julie shook her head, “Vampires are not scary or real.” She admitted. “Well since no one here thinks my story is amusing then let’s continue with Julie’s admission to our special club.” Billy suggested. Everyone nodded and Julie stood up. “Now Julie, all you have to do is go to the highest point on the cliff and jump into the water. It’s amazingly fun.” Marsha explained walking her to the starting point of the cliff. Julie nodded and smiled. She didn’t look the least bit scared. “See yall soon.” She said before climbing. “Come on guys. The climb isn’t that hard and she’ll be done soon. If we aren’t at the beach, she will think we abandoned her.” Billy said climbing down. The others followed him down.

Julie looked down and gulped. She hadn’t thought it was going to be so high. She looked around wondering where her friends were. If they had left her she would kill them. She finally saw them climbing onto the beach. They looked up looking for her. She let them search before waving. They waved back then stood back to watch her jump. She could lie to them and tell them that she couldn’t swim but Marsha had seen her swim just a few weeks ago. She could tell, even from there, that the others were getting impatient. “Julie, come on!” Billy shouted from the ground, using his hands as a megaphone. Julie took a deep breath and then jumped. The fall was short. All Julie remembered was the wind in her hair and how much of a blur things were, then she was splashing into the cold water of the Atlantic. She froze but only for a minute before she started swimming. Everything was going great. She could hear the cheering of her friends and could see the shore but then she slammed into something. She thought it was a rock but then she saw it again. It was a body. Julie grabbed the person’s hand. It was cold as ice and the person wasn’t moving. Julie’s eyes widened and she grabbed the person’s waist and started swimming back to shore. It was much harder than TV made it look. Countless of times she almost dropped the body but eventually she made it to shore. “G-g-g-guy there’s a body.” She said her teeth chattering. Her friends hurried over and pulled the body out of the water and Billy tried CPR. The body was girl with blonde hair. She was wearing what appeared to be a ripped Catholic school uniform, her shoes were soggy and scratched. Billy gave up on CPR and looked at the others. “I think she’s dead.” That’s when she started coughing up water. She seemed to cough up half the sea. When she was done she looked weak and tired. She looked at the four teenagers frightfully. “Wh-wh-wh-who are you?” she asked with a British accent. “Billy go get the spare blanket from the car.” Marsha said taking a closer step to the girl. “I’m Marsha, the person who saved you is Julie and this boy is Brandon. The one that just left is Billy. We are not here to hurt you. We just want to know how you happened to be floating in the ocean.” Marsha explained. The girl shivered and held her knees to her chest. “My name is Britney. I was pushed into the ocean by my parents. I’m not normal. They didn’t want a weird child.” The girl explained, tears starting to drip down her face. Billy returned with the blankets and handed one of them to Julie and then the others to the girl. She wrapped herself up and wiped the tears away. Marsha looked at her. “How are you not normal?” she asked confused. “Because I can do this.” She replied getting up. She looked at a rock and suddenly it shattered into tiny pieces. The teenagers all jumped back.

The author's comments:
I love writing about this kind of stuff and I hope you enjoy.

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