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Galactic Academy

May 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Champ was Headmaster of the Galactic Academy. He is also known as Master Champ, master of the Galactic Alliance. He is the most powerful zord, a being who is completely made of magic. His magic is unbelievable, his is powers unexplainable, and his strength is unimaginable.

It all started on a clear evening. Champ was watching the sunset from on top on the castle’s towers. Suddenly a scream filled the air. Champs turned two wizards were dueling in the courtyard. One person shot a burst of orange sparks, but at the same time the other wizard shot a burst of red sparks. When they it each other they melted into a black ball.

The two wizards ran from the area. The ball started to spin until it turned into a black twister. Two red eyes appeared on the figure. Then a red mouth appeared. Champ floated down to the spot. It said that its name was Noheart. Noheart asked, Are you the one they call Champ. Champ replied in a calm voice, yes why do you ask. Noheart said lets duel to see if good can beat evil.

The duel commenced, Champ blasted a purple beam at Noheart. He swerved so that it missed, he didn’t know it was coming back. It was too late it hit him right in the back, it flung him toward Champ. Champ turned his hands into a gigantic baseball bat swung and blasted him into the wall clear on the other side of the courtyard.

NoHeart transformed his body into a beam cannon, but at the same time Champ activated his ghost mode. NoHeart had no idea what Champ had just done. Noheart took aim and fired a black burst of energy, but it went right through Champ. He tried this attack again and again all the while powering up Champ. He finally figured out what Champ had done, and that he had given his opponent more power than ever before.

Champ sent a purple lightning bolt at Noheart it struck Noheart right in the heart. Noheart’s spirit rose up out of the remains. He said I’ll get you for this Champ and disappeared. Before he left Champ put a tracking device on Noheart. Noheart found refuge on Mount Starlight. Unfortunately that was not the end of the struggles that were soon become a reality.

Champ was in his lab under the castle. He was monitoring strange energy fluctuations coming from Starlight Mountain’s core. Suddenly the air around the mountain raised thirty degrees Celsius. Champ ran a full scan on the mountain there were millions of tiny thrusters, someone was going to launch the mountain into space. If that happened Animarria would fall out of its orbit and the Galactic Alliance would come crashing down.

Champ checked on Noheart’s current position. Champ had a strange filling that the strange things happening on the mountain was Noheart’s doing. He had turned the mountain into a lab. Champ checked his star charts and found out when No-Heart was going to launch the mountain in to space. The mountain is made of pure starlight, a rare type of crystal that gives off a large amount of energy. When the Starlite sun a gigantic sphere of star light, the second most powerful substance in the Galactic Alliance. It is the most powerful when the starlite sun is the closest to the star light deposits on Animarria. The closer the sun the more power the crystals have.
Champ beamed him self into the Great Hall where everybody was eating supper. When Champ finished eating he made an announcement that no one is to leave the premises. I’ll be taking a leave off absence for a month you may see me in the hall, but it does not mean I’m going to stay. Prefects please stay where you are. Once everyone was gone Champ asked the prefects to come up to the front table. Champ told them that they are going to have more responsibility than ever before.

Champ went back to his lab and opened the transport storage building. He got in the Mega Drill. He tunneled under the mountain and beamed into Nohearts lab in an invisible state. Champ hot-wired the self-destruction sequence the mountain was going to destroy its self. Champ climbed into the drill and transported him and the drill back to the school. Champ transported to the surface and watched the explosion. NoHeart escaped, but Champ still seceded.

He stopped NoHeart from destroying the planet.
Champ went back to his tower always watching for any sign of NoHeart. Champ started working on creating a world of monster with incredible powers. NoHeart realized that the explosion was a fake and went back to his lab, but the thrusters were destroyed for real. Noheart scanned the castle with his computer; it was picking up weird energy signal coming from under the school. He realized that it was where Champ’s lab was located. He sent a spy bot to check out the lab’s computer system

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