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Brace Yourself

December 14, 2015
By CaitlynnJ10 BRONZE, Monroe, North Carolina
CaitlynnJ10 BRONZE, Monroe, North Carolina
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Akari Hamilton is a 16 year old girl, who is a spy. And Hayes Finch was her partner. Until he died. Now she has a another person as her partner, Sawyer Brian. And the two of them, go on their biggest adventure to saves the lives of hundreds of people in their little town.

Chapter 1: Introduction

I stood, waiting for the right time to strike. Hayes stood on the other side of the building. We saw a guard walk by. I immediately went behind a bush. The guard turned around towards Hayes’ bush. He has never gotten caught in a mission. He quickly got out of the bush and bolted. But he wasn’t fast enough. He got shot 3 times and fell on the hard ground. I ran towards the base my team had.

“Akari! Why are you back so early?” My boss, Harley, asked in an angry tone.

“Hayes…” I trailed off because I was so out of breath. “He… he…”

“He what?” Harley waited for a response. He told one of the spies to get me some water. He nodded and went to the kitchen. “Just catch your breath.” Just then, he came back and gave me the cup of water. I drank a couple of sips and then sat on a chair.

“He… He… He died…” I got out breathlessly. Harley’s face softened and he sat down next to me. He quickly called one of the other spies to get the newest agent.

“Yes sir.” He replied. He quickly got up and went to get the new agent. The spy came back with a dirty-blonde haired boy. He looked around my age. Sixteen. “Is this the new one you requested?” The spy asked.

“Yes, yes. Now go. Me, Akari, and the new guy need to talk.” The spy left the room. “Now tell me, what is your name again?” Harley asked the new agent.

“Sawyer. Sawyer Brian.” He replied quietly. He looked almost scared to death. As if someone was going to kill him.

“Well Sawyer, why did you sign up for this?” Harley asked suspiciously. He always asked these questions and it sometimes got annoying.

“Uhm, well… I-I wanted to maybe actually be recognized in this town. You know, there are always crimes happening.” He sounded really scared. It almost  made me feel like someone made him do it or he was paralyzed. Maybe something happened to him.

“You sound like you are afraid.” Harley said. He gave him a badge, it was like mine. Was he going to be my partner?

“You will be Akari’s new partner.” Harley said looking at me. Was he serious? No, this new person who could’ve only been here for days, when I’ve been here for years, was my partner.

“Y-you’re serious?” I asked. He was not going to be my partner. I can run away if I have to. I started backing away slowly.

“Yes, and you have to go to on a mission with him.” Harley said, giving me a knife. I put it in my pocket, just so no one could see it.

“Sawyer, you need to have this knife. Akari knows how to hunt so if you guys get stranded or something then you can find food and water.” Harley said giving him his knife. I walked away. I was hoping Sawyer wasn’t behind me, but with my luck, he was.

Chapter 2: Chapter 1

My name is Akari Hamilton. And I am a spy of the National Spy Institution. Or NSI. I had my best friend as my partner for 2 years. But he died right in front me. He got shot three times, and I ran. Now I have a new partner. Who has apparently been here for 2 or 3 days. And I have been here for 3 years.

“So um, where are we going?” Sawyer asked. No wonder, he looked clueless.

“Far from here. That is where we need to go,” I said, pointing to a mountain range. “If you want you can quite now and leave.” I didn’t like this Sawyer person at all. Since I have to teach him all of the basics of being a spy.

“Akari, why don’t you like me?” Sawyer asked unsuspectedly. I didn’t want to tell him the truth. If I did, he would tell Harley. So I tried to come up with a excuse.

“I can’t have a new partner after 2 years of having someone else as my partner. He was my best friend. And he died right in front of me. Have you ever seen something like that happen to you?” I asked, on the verge of tears.

“Well, no… but-” Sawyer got cut off by a pack of wolves jumping out from the rocks and bushes.

     “Run!” I yelled. I started running with Sawyer close behind me. But the wolves caught up. I stopped running and quickly grabbed my knife in a swift movement. That was when I noticed that Sawyer stopped running and some of the wolves kept running towards him. “Sawyer run!” I yelled.

Sawyer started running as soon as I finished talking. I quickly threw my knife at one of the wolves that were chasing him. But the others turned around and started heading towards me. I had no more weapons. But I heard Sawyer saying he was going to throw something at me. I looked and saw that it was his knife.

I caught it and quickly got on my feet. I stabbed one of the wolves and tried to make a run for it. But one of the wolves bit my leg. I fell to the ground and I watched as the other wolves came to finish me off. But I saw Sawyer running towards me with his knife in hand. He stabbed the wolf bit my leg, but that wasn’t the end of it. One of the wolves jumped onto him. He wasn’t any of the normal wolves. He was bigger and stronger… he was the alpha.

“Sawyer!” I yelled. I didn’t like him, but I am not completely heartless. I couldn’t walk with this leg, but I tried to get over there. I stabbed the wolf, and it fell to the ground. The other wolves ran away.

But my leg was bleeding bad. Sawyer got a bandage and started wrapping it up. He put about three layers of the bandage onto my leg so the bleeding would stop.

I got up and started walking, but I was limping. I leaned up against a tree and looked down at my leg. The bandage was soaked in blood already.

“Wow, that wolf bit me pretty hard.” I said. I took off the bandage and my leg started to bleed really bad.

“Yeah… do you need help?” He asked. I can’t accept this, it would make me look weak.

“No. I don’t need your help.” I said. I stood up and tried walking, but I only limped.

“Akari, you need help. And we don’t have a wheelchair or crutches.” He said. He offered to help me up, but I rejected. Like the other 3 times he asked.

“Sawyer, I said I don’t need your help!” I yelled.  “We could set camp here and I can get the rest I need.”

“I guess we can. I will make a bed kind of thing out of grass and leaves. Then you can rest on it.” Sawyer said. He went off to get leaves and grass and I just sat against a tree. It was about 10 minutes when I heard rustling in the bushes. I got out my knife and prepared to stab whatever was in the bushes.

“W-who are you! Or… what are you…” I said, muttering the last few words. I wish it was anything but another wolf. Those wolves were strong, and I am not getting hurt again. But Sawyer just came out with his hands filled with grass and leaves.

“What I am is a human being, and I am Sawyer Brian,” Sawyer said smiling. He apparently had a small bag filled with grass and leaves. “Just let me build this. It should take me about five minutes.” He said pulling the plants out from his bag.

“Did you make that?” I asked him. He gave me look that more than likely meant, ‘No, I got it at a store’.

“No, Harley gave it to me.” Sawyer said. “I don’t know why I was so afraid of him.” Sawyer was almost done with the leaves and grass. But when I thought that we could finally get some peace and quiet, I heard a low growl come from the bushes.

The author's comments:

I just felt like writing this because I felt like I wanted to write something withacrion and adventure, but then again there would be some romance.

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Favorite Quote:
Isaiah 40:31
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I like this idea. It is original and fresh. Is there more, I would like more.