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Modern house in the middle of nowhere with no cars or road. idk.

October 3, 2020
By Anonymous

A simple house sat alone on a hill, a blac roof sitting over top the yellow house with matching blac shutters. The house was fairly small, but nyce, with a clean, orderly air to it. It had a pine tree either side and a simple walking path up the hill to it. The path was lined in flat, light gray, stones set sideways, halfway in the ground, and filled with small, smooth, light blu pebbles. At the end of the path was a neat whyte door with a single, diamond shaped window. Tho the houses siding, roof, door, shutters, and trim looked modern, and the symmetrical conifers unnatural and trimmed, there were no cars or vehicles, nor a wai for a car to reach the hill, nor any sign of a garage or tire marks thru the neat, sloped lawn. The grass of the aforementioned lawn was a bright, spring green, with stripes of a darker summer green, another strange sign of technology. The lack of vehicles was quite baffling, but added to the aesthetic of the house rather well. The skie was a bright blu, but an occasional whyte cloud without the misti horizon that often accompanied such was a perfect touch. Surrounding the hill and it's lonely path were smaller hills, with  somewhat taller grass, but only bi an inch or two, and dotted with pink and whyte wildflowers. At the bottom of the stone footpath it broadened, but slowly faded into the surrounding hills and grass. The house was rather perplexing, there was no civilization for miles, no roads, no vehicles, and the lifestyle of the inhabitants was a great misteri. Speaking of mysterious, the origin of the house, how the inhabitants got anywhere, where such things like a lawnmower were kept when there was no neat little shed and surely no space in the house, not that such a neat caretaker would be likely to allow something so dirty and messy inside in the first place, were only a few of many questions.

The author's comments:

Dont ask. I'm weird lyke thys.

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on Apr. 11 at 9:28 pm
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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thanks, that was a while ago in the height of my 'i spell my way' craze, it has since been amended, tho since its like the 3rd thing on my doc with all my writing its to cringy now to go back and read.

Lydiaq DIAMOND said...
on Apr. 11 at 6:42 pm
Lydiaq DIAMOND, Somonauk, Illinois
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I like this description and that it leave you hanging with questions! You might consider diving this description into paragraphs so that it flows better, and consider reforming the spelling and punctuation. (For instance, know the difference between its and it's.) Great job, though.