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Kingdom of Clouds and Dew

October 11, 2020
By Anonymous

Below was a long drop, if not for the cloud beneath (readers name here) feet. But this wasn't just any cloud, it was magic, it could hold one's weight but was cushiony and springy, like walking upon a pillow. It was also huge. More than large enough to hold what it was created for, a city. Loosely spaced and clean, however. The houses were made from morning dew and rainbows, the shops solid mist. It was a MYSTical place(eh? Eh? Not even a sympathy laugh? Ok then, judgie.... yes I am pouting, get over it, stop judging my puns!! Readers these days!!) lakes and rivers of pure golden sunlight flowed thru and about the city, tumbling off the edge in beautiful cascade(its literature, not science, don't make any sassy comments abt speed of light or mathematical wais this wouldn't work or passive-aggressive questions about morning dew houses. It's a story it doesn't have to make sense. I'm just kidding by the way don't take any offense that's just my weird sense of humor that i seldom employ, lucky you.) down to the distant green blur below. Moondust dotted the cloud underfoot, sparkling in a thousand beams of tiny reflections, and softer than the cloud beneath to a barefoot. People who lived on the cloud city wore dresses or robes made with bits of the suns fire, their hair shimmered with the stars themselves, their voices were birdsongs purest form, their skin was pale as the cloud upon which they walked and of which their wings were made of, their eyes the blu of the skye around them. (no, they aren't angels they don't have harps and they actually do something. Honestly, i can't imagine anything more boring than sitting on a cloud all dai playing harp. If i had wings id use them. No offense intended to ppl who believe that, tho my religion believes differently, and i am Christian.) the wildlife consisted of birds, all types, including flightless birds that descended from fliers. sparrows were like dogs, pigeons cats, (if asked abt my love for dogs and my love for sparrows in reaction to the previous statement: no comment. Same if questioned about my disdain for cats and the annoyingness of the stereotypical pigeon, tho they're actually pretty cool in reality.) the flora was the pink and purple of the cosmos woven into flowers and trees, moondust was rocks upgrade. Gold grew on trees in the form of fruit and was eaten by these skye citizens, and tho NASA doesn't want you to know about it, the tops of every cloud are covered in villages like this. (jk) diamonds and precious gems make up buildings like police departments, hospitals, libraries, schools, and general public buildings. The cloud kingdoms residents distribute rain, tho they drink sun, and move clouds to share a less pure version of sunlight with the earth below. They maintained the ozone layer(there judgi scientists), and created wind.

The author's comments:

a sassy piece of descriptive writing about a kingdom and people on a cloud(no, not angels)

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on Mar. 16 at 1:49 pm
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)
And the words I say most often: "Where was I?"
"I just switched 50 things to anonymus and it doesnt even make a diff- why was i writing this again? where was i? hm.... oh well."


eva-giselle said...
on Mar. 15 at 11:24 pm
eva-giselle, Pitt Meadows, Columbia
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"The light outshines the darkness, and the darkness has not yet overcome it."
John 1:5

This is seriously awesome. Like . . . the sass and sarcasm . . . *chef's kiss* it's really quite spectacular.