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Virus replica

September 21, 2021
By Rana-Hatem PLATINUM, Cairo, Other
Rana-Hatem PLATINUM, Cairo, Other
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Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots

I don't reckon what's more divergent, to be the hostile or the virus replica. With all the pretentious tactics and a whole level of sense holding every inch in place, the host stands still. On the other lead of the rope, the virus conceals its defensive maneuvers and constraint baits. Nothing sentimental or obedient to pull the torn strings back together- a real crisis without a certain spark. Two polar opposites yet complement and complete one another.

~That is how the world plays the game of empires, hosts come along, viruses take over. Peace drifts by then come to a faulty maneuver... ~

Something that has yet to be understood properly. A force so strong yet questionable to the human race. How could the hostile-virus complexion stay untackled in hands that have played the controlling strings ever since? None questions clear, but still anonymously setting us in harmony. The virus damages and ruptures and disrupts~ but has always been the prime path that leads to immunity. Yes to disease but not only, with matters of healing-metaphorically and literally. That is for sure why we could group the virus replica in that group with the two-sided conflict. That as the wise weapon to heal and get naturalized.

Animosity, prudence then allegiance~ A vague yet sharp perspective from an abstract on display. Just to bid for another feud. So after all, who do you really want to be? The host, or the virus repli ca?

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How can you be the virus but still master your replica

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