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2021 Kindness Contest : The Hand from Far away

November 8, 2021
By Methmi DIAMOND, Colombo, Other
Methmi DIAMOND, Colombo, Other
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“When things get hard, stop for awhile and look back and see how far you’ve come. Don’t forget how rewarding it is. You are the most beautiful flower, more than anyone else in this world.”

It was 3 am when my excitement woke me up. The off-white frock with pink floral patterns was smiling at me hanging on the hanger. Mom has arranged everything, I knew. I proceeded to my parents’ room. They were in a deep shut-eye. 

I was impatient. I was waiting for the sun to kiss the ground. In the morning, we will be heading to Galle. We will be visiting the port and a beach hotel.

Hours passed, the sun kissed the ground. We got ready for our journey with backpacks and dresses. I was a garden with an off-white frock with pink floral patterns on it. Soon as we got ready, the bus came to pick us. It was an official tour with mom’s office-mates.

It was a fun time in the bus. We sang,  shared snacks and stories. Without knowing, we’ve reached our destination. We were in the port. It was the first time I got into a ship. A navy commander showed us directions. I was amazed by the bedrooms and libraries which were inside the ship.

Next, we reached the beach resort which was my favorite. The staff welcomed us with a drink and we started to enjoy. We had enough meals and when hours were saying farewell to me, I knew the pool is waiting. I was a 7 years old girl and a beginner swimmer. It was not so long that I have started to take my swimming lessons in school. With my parents’ permission, I changed my frock into a swimming kit. My feet were not touching the tiles when I was in the pool. Two boys who were younger than me joined me too. We had a lot of fun in the water. We tried different styles of swimming.  The tiles were sapphire underwater. Minutes passed, Suddenly, I felt a step underwater. Up and Down. Down or Up? I was sinking. All the styles of swimming were faded out of my mind. I was unable to hold my breath. People were gathering around being panic and shouting for help including my parents. Just then, I heard a huge splash of water. Someone jumped into the water grabbed me out of the water. My head was spinning all around. He was a foreigner. I cannot remember whether he was young or old. All what I can remember is he is not a local. He had very fair skin and amber shinning hair. His cameras and phones were ruined as he jumped into the pool without even removing those. It was a sacrifice. He was not in my race, neither in my religion nor nation. While the people in the same race, religion or nation were hesitating to save me, he was the only one to save me. He was a person from the same world but who is very far from us. If the society is full of people like that, it will be more beautiful with all helping hands. I am so thankful!

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