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Trapped in an Elevator

January 13, 2009
By Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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"I cannot wait to arrive at the third floor," says Fez to nobody in particular. "My first
American party;it will be glorious!" Skulking in the back of the elevator, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, who hates parties, overhears this proclamation and shouts, "NOOOO! No party for
you!" and charges violently at Fez. As he does this, the elevator shudders violently and breaks
down. Suddenly, a third figure appears from out of nowhere in the elevator. It is Harry Potter, who
had been hiding beneath his invisibility cloak while all of this had been transpiring. With an
overly confident air about him, Harry says, "Bloody hell, you've broken the elevator have you?
Honestly I don't know how you muggles get along without magic. Well no need to worry, I'll have
it fixed faster than you can say Quidditch." He then draws his magic wand from his robe and
mumbles a few magic words beneath his breath. To nobody's surprise, the elevator does not move.
The three spend hours in the broken down elevator, contemplating what their next move should be.
After a while, everybody starts to get hungry and this puts the three in a bad mood. "The
Govenator needs food!" says Arnold, more to himself than to the other two. "If we don't eat
soon, how will I ever have the energy to make it back to Hogwarts?" asks Harry. "You know, in my
country there is no food to eat at all! So stop complaining you son of a "#$%" "Stop Whining!"
Arnold yells to Harry and Fez, when all of a sudden something in Fez's pocket catches his eye. It
is a bag of candy. Arnold, who hates candy as well, loses his temper and suddenly turns into the
Terminator. "NO CANDY FOR YOU!" Arnold shouts. He then draws a gun from his pocket and tries to
shoot Fez in the chest. Luckily, Fez was bending over to pick up his bag of candy, which had just
happened to fall out of his pocket and onto the floor, the bullet barely missing him. In disbelief
of what he has just witnessed, Harry says, "Bloody hell man! You can't go about just shooting
people at will!" and with that he mumbles a few more magic words and turns Arnold into a
chinchilla. Fez is about to pick up the chinchilla, which he thinks is adorable, when all of a
sudden the elevator door bursts open and standing right in front of them is the Kool-Aid man.
"OHHHHH YEAH!"says the Kool-Aid man, stepping into the elevator. The Kool-Aid man points out of
the elevator door and everybody is surprised to see that where the third floor of the building
should have been there was instead a tropical beach with tall, bright green palm trees and ocean
water so clear that you could see right to the bottom. Not waiting for an invitation, Harry, Fez
and the chinchilla run onto the beautiful beach, the elevator door closing behind them.

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