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Don't Cry Little Angel.

August 21, 2009
By Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
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I walk. Slowly, silently I walk down my dark road of life. I hear nothing and I feel nothing. No love, no hope, ho joy, no peace, no happiness. I am hollow. Sadness, anger, solitude, and despair lurk on the road beside me. They are the only things that fill me. My only compainions in the Darkness my life has become. I begin to grow tired. Tired of wandering blind, without a light, without a soul. With nothing to guide me home. I can hear death calling to me through the Shadows as I get ever nearer to the end of the road. I can't turn around so I keep going.
Whimpers fill my ears, low and soft. I turn to find a small woman sitting by the road. Head in herhands she cries as ebony hair hides her pale face.
I stop and contemplate this new occurance. I have seen no one along my road for ages. They abandoned me when the darkness came. For ages, for years, for months and months I have seen no one.
I move towards this Woman and kneel beside Her as She cries. Soft white wings slowly wrap themselves around Her.
She an Angel! A Little Angel! But why is this Angel here and why does She cry?
"Don't cry Little Angel." I tell Her softly. "You have no sorrow don't cry for Yourself."
"But I do not cry for myself." She whimpers.
"Then whom do you shed these tears for little Angel?"
"Oh dear one I cry for you. I shed my tears for you."
"Don't shed your tears for me. I walk in Darkness. My life has been sacrificed to Sorrow."
She let out a sudden loud sob and began crying into balled fists.
"The Darkness has not claimed you yet. There are those who can help you turn around and find the light. I cry for your lost hope."
"don't cry little Angel, this Darkness shall fade."
Even as I said this I saw just a hint of light. A small sliver beckoning to me, calling me home. That small sliver returned my lost hope and....for the first time in ages.....I smile.
I hold this little Angel close and stare into the light with a burning hope.
"Don't cry Little Angel. Don't cry."

The author's comments:
To be completly honest I have no idea what this is or where it came from. Somewhere in the dark receses of my mind hopeful stuff like this lurks. I tried to write it as a poem but it didn't work out right.

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This article has 3 comments.

on Dec. 17 2009 at 12:10 am
Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
37 articles 7 photos 11 comments
ya i know evanescence i own two of their CDs. They are awesome!

erika4964 said...
on Dec. 3 2009 at 5:50 pm
The beginning sounded very depressing. But now I want to know how the darkness got her and what or who it is. Please wright more.

on Aug. 26 2009 at 9:00 pm
That was really reminds me of some Evanescence songs. If you haven't yet checked out Evanescence, please do. They are, I am fairly certain, the best band that has ever existed. Their songs mostly feature crunchy metal guitar, an awesome girl singer, and some Goth lyrics..."Wake me up inside/Call my name and save me from the dark/bid my blood to run/before I come undone/save me from the nothing I've become." Check them out!