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The Unexpected

August 26, 2009
By Katie1397 BRONZE, Townsville, Other
Katie1397 BRONZE, Townsville, Other
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When I die, I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

My fingers felt like ice, my toes were unconditionally about to drop off... but this was so worth it. Steve, Charlotte and I were surrounded by nothing but complete darkness, dust, and, creatures beyond anyone’s imaginations. We were completely paralysed in fear. Just 3 weeks ago, a new planet was discovered, extremely close to Earth. My friends and I had won a competition to be the first ones to explore the new planet, since we were over 18 years of age, and completely responsible enough to trust... I think. As we stood there, in outer space, shaking, the creatures moved closer, drooling with their hungry mouths wide open.

“What are we doing guys!!?” Steve was a guy, but if you had heard his girlish pitched screaming you would think he was really a girl.
“Lucky there’s gravity,” I mumbled to myself, “RUN!!!”
We turned swiftly and ran as hard as we could. Heart’s pumping, breathing unstable, we could only hope for the best. Our best chance was to get to our Buggy, drive it as fast as it would go to get back to the rocket and return to Earth. But these creatures were fast. If you doubled the maximum speed of a cheetah, these things were still faster. ‘This planet is amazing’ I thought to myself. There were actually extremely useful resources on this planet such as water, iron, and a lot of; well I think its fruit.

We ran, it felt like forever but we arrived at the buggy and the creatures were 2 metres away! I literally leaped into the driver’s seat, waited a split second for my friends to jump in, and then drove like the wind without a single glance back. Our space buggy jolted and flew about a metre into the air quite a few times, but we managed to stay inside. I finally found the courage to look behind us at that point, and saw nothing but dust and rocks.
“Charlotte, Steve, can you see any creatures?” My voice squeaked the words out.
“N-No” Charlotte whispered back. We turned our heads back around to face the front, where we also saw nothing.

‘THUMP!!!’ Something very heavy landed on the top of our buggy, which left a big dint, almost breaking Steve’s neck. Sweaty and terrified, we leapt then sprinted as far as we could go, we were certain it had been one of the alien creatures. We stopped and walked steadily for a few minutes, catching our breath. I gazed up at the beautiful, shining stars for a moment, and then something up with the stars caught my eyes. I turned my gaze to the tiny, round thing flying in the sky and saw it was getting closer. I stared for about five whole minutes I think, and it was getting much larger each time I looked back at it. “Let’s start jogging back to the rocket guys, I have a feeling we are not so safe right now.” Steve looked a total wreck, but I persuaded him to keep going, as for Charlotte, she was still confident about this trip.

We jogged for about half an hour until we arrived back at the rocket. I glanced back up at the stars, saying goodbye to this interesting, scary planet. “Let’s go guys” Steve winked at us and helped us aboard. Before I knew it we were flying around into the beautiful galaxy. About 2 hours later, all was well, and I was lounging about letting Steve do his shift in all the work, navigation and such. Then Charlotte came in with a worried look on her face “I have to show you something” We both looked out at the beautiful stars once again, and i saw the problem almost instantly. A meteor. That must be what i had seen back on the un-named planet. It was getting closer extremely fast, we had to warn Steve. “GO!” Charlotte screamed after me. I burst into the navigation unit and screamed at Steve “WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!!”

I explained to him as quickly as possible but I’m sure all he heard was a mix of mumbled words and screams and shrieks of terror. Steve panicked so much he made our ship do somersaults without quite knowing it. Steve came up with our best idea to avoid the meteorite. Well, our only idea. And that was, simply dodge it. We knew we probably wouldn’t make it as the meteor was at least the size and mass of 200 blue whales put together.
Five hours and still no action. We were still waiting for our time to come, it was painful. Then finally, it happened, so quickly, I barely saw anything. First I saw a gleam of bright light shining down on us, and then I heard Charlotte and Steve scream so hard my head nearly exploded with misery. Then everything went even blacker then it already had been.
Turns out when we woke up we were orbiting Earth, but we had lost all our supplies, no one wanted to talk, so we all just did our best to go home. Communications with Earth had been knocked out to, unfortunately for us. All three of us used up all our strength in those last two days. We pushed hard and worked our minds extremely hard to navigate our landing. But finally, we made it.

Everyone was astounded we’d made it back, but it only took friendship, courage, and a strong mind.

The author's comments:
Not my best work, jst wrote this for a school project.

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