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Thunder & Lightning

August 27, 2009
By Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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"words are just songs without the corny elevator music behind them"
-Me (random thought)

[1st Verse]
Rains' pouring down
I know I'm not going to sleep tonight
Everything just didnt go right
He broke my nerve
I broke your heart
The walls around me are falling apart

I tried, I tried, I tried, & I tried
to get over him
& be with you
but right now it's just something
I can't do

[2nd Verse]
Thunders' ringing in my ears
but all I hear is tears
Falling from my eyes
Because I told you goodbye
I did everything I could
but lets face it
Us we're no good


The storms' stil here
& now your gone
No more nice words to keep me calm
Thunder & lightning
Feel calming & frightening
Maybe thats because
No one sees me crying

The author's comments:
Ok well i've been writing songs like crazy lately, sooo... I decided to post some a little at a time(when I actually remember to) so I'm going to be posting more(sooner or later) I'm hoping for some constructive critisim or anything. If you think it's crap, tell me. It dosn't mean I'll stop writing, just i'll know what to work on.

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