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Moonlight Sonata

September 11, 2009
By Silvia BRONZE, Galesburg, Illinois
Silvia BRONZE, Galesburg, Illinois
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She stepped from bright light to obscure dark cautiously. Bare foot met wet sidewalk, pale against speckled grey. Her toes spread out on its rough, wet surface. She brought her other foot down next to it. She bounced down on her heels slightly, as if testing to make sure the sidewalk was firm, that it would hold her and support her. As if to make sure the earth was not made of a jelly that she could sink into and become one with. Sometimes experiencing things from the outside is better, anyway. Her footsteps were dainty, and deliberate, each foot placed carefully in front of the other, leaving a footprint of water behind. Moonlight illuminated her, made her glow. Moonlight reflected on the drops of water on upturned leaves. Moonlight lit a path for her through the pools of leftover rain. She stepped in these pools, causing tiny ripples in the water; making the moonlight shiver and shimmer within. Once she reached the driveway she stopped, first turning her face up to the stars, then back down to stare at her feet and the cool concrete. She did this several times, trying to belief what she knew was true: that the vast expanse of stars above her and the tiny detailed crevices in the concrete both belong in the same universe. Her universe. Our universe. Soon the sidewalk came to an end, and so did her footsteps. She stood hovering over the curb. Closing her eyes, she waited. It only took seconds before she could no longer feel where her body stopped and where the air around her began. She was definitely not one with the earth--she was one with the universe. She soared to the stars until they were so close she could see every flaw, every detail of light. Looking down, the sidewalks and streets and cities and countries seemed vast and far away. But meanwhile, all I could see was her leg lifting upward at a right angle from her other leg. Her arms stretching upward and outward toward the stars. And then she danced a pirouette so dainty as to take your breath away. I could feel the movement of the air as she turned. It hummed and pulsed, each air particle dancing and bumping into other air particles. All around the world, air stirred from the pirouette. The rhythms and pulses started to take form. And so, the moonlight sonata began.

The author's comments:
I love to play this song on the piano. I walked in front of my house and did a pirouette the night before I wrote this. It was fun :)

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