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The City

April 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Here lies a day when a city grows up from the ground and begins to breathe in the air. The city's people come and go to and fro, they drive around the city just to get to work and other times just to see their family. It's been ten years since the city has risen, buildings get newer and newer and the old ones get demolished. The city has grown greatly and now thousands live within, the city celebrates a day of when it was born, this day is a special one that everyone spends the day off to see their grandfathers and grandmothers.
Everyone living peacefully and never thinking about the day that the city will fall. Fifty years later the city grows old with rusted rails and rusted metal, some old ones pass away and newborns are brought out into the new world. Everything living normally like they would anytime, animals now scurrying throughout the streets and parks of the city. A child was born and now he walks through the park looking at the animals and talking with the old ones at a bench.

This boy knows he will grow up to be an old one just like them, the boy begins pre-school and learns the meanings of things. As his teenage years go on, the teenager graduates with his friends and talks to girls that interest him. He gets a nice job and home in a house on the outskirts of the city, a girl he has known for a remainder of his life, surprisingly meets her at a nearby restaurant. The girl comes with him to his home and they watch a midnight movie together.
He asks her for a date that she accepts, and kneels at a grand moment. The girl walks down an alley way with her father, and the two are married for there days of joy are soon to come. As they live in their grand home a newborn enters the family and lives to be a wanderer in the city parks just like his father. The father has retired his working career and he asks if the son of his would like to go out to eat at that nearby restaurant, the father smiles at the owner that stands by the door. Knowing this is the day that is the anniversary of the restaurant, the father tells his son of the day he met his wife in the restaurant.
The fathers son graduates and rides off with his buddy's from high school, the father remembers the day he was this way. The son opens a new business that makes him a lot of money, when the son moved out the father called to have a chat with his son but the son was to busy and told him to call back another time. The father old as can be with the wife that he still loves decides to go to the park he once roamed and talked to the old ones.
He sits at a bench and admires the animals like squirrels and birds, a young boy walks up and sits on the bench and asks the old man how he is doing? The old man replies with a very good and how are you back, the two talk for a while until the boy leaves. The old man, realizing he was the same way smiles and knows he has grown old like he wanted. Deep off into space an enemy hurdles through the sky and seeking out its destination to hit the earth.
The old man looks up at the sky and notices the clouds moving slowly on by and sits there looking all around him at the old buildings that have stayed up for more than a hundred years. The old man looks up in the sky one last time and can see the fireball in the sky, getting bigger and bigger and clouding up the sky. He looks down and smiles one last time and says aloud. "It has been an adventure." The city lies there knowing what's going to happen, terror breaks out with shrieks and people running around.
As people run by the old man, he just sits there not caring. Cars crash into each other as people try to escape the city, the meteor rips through buildings and smashes into the ground creating a crater. The city's buildings collapse and the people are killed by the explosion, the city breathes most of its last air as it may live another day but not this one. Everything torn to shreds, sirens going off all around the city, people screaming for their loved ones are dead. The last days are terrifying because the air is polluted and no one can breathe, the wife is in another state looking at old past times. She hears the news and mourns the death of her husband.
The city dies, all that's left is rubble, as time went on all that lies there now is a crater, and some say that if you go near the crater you might see at the very bottom a ghostly bench with a little boy sitting there laughing.

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