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The Princess's Tale

April 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Princess Viviana arrived to her domain to find her parents with looks of sadness. She was instantly told that her father had been overthrown by parliament and in order to remain in their castle she would need to get a job to support herself and assist in the payment of bills. Viviana was immediately devastated by the information. She refused to believe what her parents were telling her. She argued with them about having the responsibility placed on her. Princess Viviana didn’t tell anyone of what happened for fear of being treated as she had treated others.

All was going downhill and Viviana thought it couldn’t get any worse, when she discovered that her new manager was Jessica, a girl who her and her friends had ridiculed for years. Princess Viviana tired her best to avoid the common girl, Jessica, but her lack of work experience prevented this.

Being the complete opposite of the princess, Jessica didn’t taunt, harshly criticize, or belittle Viviana in any way. Eventually, Viviana and Jessica became somewhat friends. Jessica taught the princess how to be a true friend and to manage her money wisely.

One day Viviana walked into her job, tossed her uniform onto the counter, stated she quit, and pretentiously turned and walked out of the building. The other workers stood in dismay and began to chatter.

The following day, Jessica attempted to contact Viviana, but her phone call was denied. The next week at school, Jessica made eye contact with Viviana and she gave Jessica a quick wink of the eye. After school, Jessica received a phone call from Viviana intensely apologizing for her behavior towards Jessica. Princess Viviana went on to say that she felt obligated to keep up her image, the way her friends saw her. Viviana wanted to always remain good friends with the common girl.

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