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Life Cycle of a Fly

April 20, 2008
By Anonymous

It’s a hot summer day; the sun is beating on the big brown house. Inside, Jimmy is down stairs when suddenly he hears buzzing around his head. He starts to swing with his big clinched hands at the fly that has long black legs. Suddenly it lands on his leg. Annoyed, he swings and misses the fly again because it’s to fast for slow Jimmy. He watches the fly take off and out of sight. Not a minute later, the fly comes back. He waits with his eyes glaring at the fly getting ready to decimate it. Jimmy moves his hand closer and closer to the fly…WHACK! OUCH! Jimmy weeps because he missed the fly and hit himself. Furious with the fly, he dashes up the fourteen step stair case tripping on the last step because he is mad. Running into the kitchen he grabs the big square blue fly swatter that has previous flies killed on it. Running back down stairs, he hears the fly. Buzzzzz, Buzzzzz, Buzzzzzzz…he hears it again. He thinks for a bit then slowly reaches for the fly swatter trying to move his big brown eyes to sight the fly. There it is. That dumb annoying fly that he has wanted to kill all this time. Small and minding its own business, Jimmy swings with great force. The big square blue fly swatter is blazing through the air with great velocity. WHACK! Right on the entertainment center. Jimmy killed the fly. He lifts the fly swatter with a little pride. Finally Jimmy is happy. But not a few minutes later, another one comes. Jimmy positions his hand on the fly swatter for the kill.

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