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A Light Unto her Path

April 22, 2008
By Anonymous

For as long as she knew, Mary Whithers had the greatest mother of all time. She did everything for Mary. Mary had no idea though how much she was going to be like her mother. Twenty five short years later, Mary got married. After two more years it was time to give birth to a baby girl, just like her mother.

The day Alyssa was born Mary realized what a big new chapter in her life this would be, a time where Alyssa would look up to Mary in ways a person would look up to a leader. Everything Mary did, Alyssa would was going to follow exactly like a duckling to its mother. Mary just couldn't wait to unfold a new life to her baby.

Years passed and Alyssa was off to grade school. Alyssa learned new things and when she didn't understand fractions or she had to memorize the planets, Mary was right there ready to guide her through everything she was trying to attempt. And every time Alyssa had gotten an "A" on a test of hers, she thanked her mother because Alyssa knew that without her mother, those tests would become nightmares.

Childhood went by and it was time for Alyssa to graduate from high school and move onto college.

"Mom, thanks for leading me throughout my childhood and teenage years. You have made my life unforgettably wonderful," said Alyssa while giving her valedictorian speech.

And at those words, Mary cried. Yes, she had led her, and yes, she had made her what she is today, but did she bring her up well? Only the future would answer that question.

Off to college Alyssa went. She was hoping for a degree in psychology and wanted to become a school counselor. That way, she could influence kids to do better in school just like her mother had encouraged her. It was only a matter of time before that last vacation of the year came, Spring Break.

When spring break finally came, Alyssa had decided to go to California with her mother. After a long day of shopping, both of them head headed down to the beach to take a cool swim and relax in the warming sun. As Alyssa was floating along the waves, a jelly fish stung her in her stomach. Alyssa was highly allergic and was rushed to the hospital immediately. She had to be treated properly or she could die.

Everyday Mary went to the hospital to visit her daughter, praying that Alyssa would be alright. Alyssa had showed improvement until one day the power went out. Mary thought she should check on Alyssa to make sure she was alright. When Mary opened the door to Alyssa's room, she saw not all the nurses and doctors in there, but the pale smiling face of her daughter, Alyssa. Mary new what was happening; her daughter was dying. Mary hurried over to the bed to hear her daughter's last words.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path," Alyssa sang out to her mother. "Mom, you have taught me all you could and most importantly about life. You are the light who led me through my path. I love you." And with that Alyssa died.

Mary did not weep though. Those last words were what she wanted to hear from her daughter. Mary now knew she had guided Alyssa through life properly. The responsibility as a mother, a leader, a teacher, a helper, a guide led Alyssa to be everything she could until the day she died.

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