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In the dark corner of the bear

October 13, 2007
By Anonymous

In the dark corner of the bear and depressing room, huddled up to protect herself, is a girl. She curls up and tries to hide from prying eyes. With a blanket as her shield, she cries and hides. She hides her sorrow and pain and wanting of her end. Then someone pulls on the blanket. She holds on for dear life and tries to stop them. She lashes out and tries to hurt them but they keep pulling. Every blow she gives them, the stronger they pull. Eventually, the blanket is gone and she is fully exposed. The person who tugged and strained at the blanket looks down at her, smile and extends a hand to help her up. She glares up at him, trying to show him that she hates him for taking her barrier from the world away. But she takes his hand and stands. She is weak from crying and stumbles. He catches her, holding her tight in his arms. She looks at him and he looks back. For the first time in a long time, a real smile stretches across her face.

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