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All Because A Break Down

May 25, 2010
By serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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The cold wind brushed my cheek as I ripped out the keys from the car and put the car in park. I slammed the passenger side door shut quickly leading my annoying sister into her school. She was to busy playing hide n’ seek with her imaginary friends to get ready for school. I walked her into the main office and sat her in the waiting chairs.
“Mrs. Pearson?”
“My sister is late for school.”
“What grade is she in?”
I turned to my sister asking in a harsh voice “What grade are you in.”
She got up off the chair and puffed up her shoulders and said “Ned says I’m in 4th grade.”
“Well Ned needs to shut up, I’m not asking him.”
“Now Ned is sad” She said sticking her bottom lip out looking down on the ground sniffling loudly.
“your not fooling anyone Casey.”
“Humph” she said folding her arms across her chest and jump into the chair.
“We’ll just take her down to her class and she’ll be fine.” The girl at the counter replied
I said telling my sister to get up and walk, she sat with her hands folded and yelled loudly “NO, Ned said not to move!”
“Ned is not real!!!!”
“Yes he is…”
“Ok whatever”

I grabbed her and stood her up pushing her down the hall into her 4th grade class.
I walked in and sat her in one of the blue plastic seats along the back row of the classroom and walked up to mrs. Nidik pointing to my sister whispering to her about the trouble at the office. She nodded her head and started to say

“We’ll since you are here I wanted to ask has she been acting up a lot at home anytime lately?” I answered her looking over at my sister shaking my head “yes…why” I asked her looking down at her. She was my old 4th grade teacher. She was nice I remembered she loved to eat chocolate. She was shorter then my maybe by a foot or so. She had dark brown hair that was cut off at the shoulders and pushed up into a bun at most times. She answered me while tucking in a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“We’ll Casey was written up on the bus because she was throwing items on the bus along with 2 other girls. She also got detention and had to stay in for recess because of her lack of homework in the past 2 months she has turned in 3 pages of homework when she has had it every night , I’m not sure if anything is happening at home, disrupting her, but she’s been making fun of this little girl in the other class her name is autumn.”

“ok, well thank you for letting me know and I will certainly bring it to my parents atention.” I said turning around towards the door.
“Before you leave I have some papers here I would like your parents to look over about what she has been doing in school, or rather I should say, not doing in school.”

I grabbed the papers and walked down into the lobby throwing the papers in the nearest trash can, she not going to get in trouble anyways so it wouldn’t mater if they saw it or not. I went home packing my bags I was going on a road trip up to lake Erie. To visit my friend bonny, she had moved up there two years ago, ever since then I’ve visited her up there with her parents almost every other weekend and in off school season, i visit for 2 weeks. This time we were going to a camp to spend the week there.

I called my mom telling her I was getting packed to drive up there, she asked me “why are you driving way up there?” I told her that I wanted to drive instead of wasting time and money on a bus, quickly explaining what we were going to do the whole time at the camp and everything. I pressed the phone onto the receiver and grabbed another shirt and threw my bags in the trunk of my car.

I pushed the keys turning them, starting up the car. It was my parents old car from a couple years ago, they bought a new bringing out my cell phone and calling Bonny it rang 3 times before she picked it up. “Hello?” she asked
“Hey it’s me I’m on my way.”
“Ok so i'll see you in five hours?”
“Ok i'll let you go since there’s that new law no phones while driving and everything…”
“Ok see you when I get up there.”

I drove for 2 hours before I ran out of gas, the car literally rolled into the parking lot. There was a boy bent over his black jeep with his grease stained hands clutching the edge of the bumper leaning in to look at the damage. I went into the store thinking nothing of him and payed the cashier enough money to fill my whole tank up. When I walked back out the boy was in his car one foot on the broken gravel road and one on the gas, he reached over turning the key the engine rumbled, choked, and coughed, but didn’t start up. i turned my head to look at the other side of the building there was a Carl’s Jr that had just opened for lunch.

I walked over to him and asked if he needed help. he replied with no he didn’t. I started walking away remembering the Carl’s Jr and turned on my heels asking if he would come in for lunch, my treat of course. He shrugged his shoulder hopping down from his jeep. He wiped the perspiration off his forehead with the back of his hand leaving a long black streak of black grease. I walked to the back of my car reached for my water bottle and my money. I pulled the lever under the wheel that popped the trunk and walked around.
“so you from around here?” He asked so suddenly
I looked up surprised “No I live in Harrisburg…”
“What are you doing out here?”
“I’m going up to Erie to a camp.” I said tossing him the water bottle and grease rag I had grabbed from my trunk.
“oh what camp?”
“umm im not sure the name of it but it’s a week long.” I said slamming the trunk shut and turning the keys out of my car. “Why do you ask?”
“Oh cause I’m coming back from Pittsburg to go to a camp in Erie.” He said putting my grease rag in his back pocket.
“So what happened to your jeep?” I asked walking towards the Carl’s Jr.
“Well, I’m not really sure what happened it might be one of the spark plugs.”
“Oh well if you need a lift up to that camp I can give you a ride there and back here.” I said looking at the ground jiggling my car keys.
“That would be cool.” We were silent walking into the fast food restaurant we walked up to the counter and the girl maybe about my age asked the person from the broke down jeep what we would like to have. She was shorter then me, by maybe a foot or so, her name was Trisha, it said so on her name tag, he didn’t pay any attention to her except to anouce he wanted a cheese burger.

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