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Hurt and innocent

June 9, 2010
By blackrose326 GOLD, Burlington, North Carolina
blackrose326 GOLD, Burlington, North Carolina
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Grace always had that feeling that she was being followed ever since that night. She was walking down the street when she felt someone grab her before she had a chance to scream he had her in his grasp with a gun to her head. He pushed her into a dark alley then said if yoou make one sound you will be shot. She reluctantly shook her head agreeing with her kidnapper. He then ordered her to take off her clothes. She did it without one sound. There was a flash of light as he began to undress. SHe looked up and saw someone in the bulidings window. She silently murmered help to the person. She got out a camera and began to record the outrages act. He then pushed her down onto the ground and layed on her. After he was done he got up, redressed and told Grace again if you tell anyone you will die. The gunman then saw the light and looked up he sasw the person in the window and smiled. She saw him and quickly flicked off the light. Quickly Grace got to her feet and tried to run when the gunman realized she was trying to escape he pulled the trigger. There was a moment that everything seemed to slow down and freeze. She fell to the ground and he took of down the street. She lay there not moving, not concious. Early in the morning a jogger came down the alley and found the lifeless body. She quickly called 911. When the police got there here was a huge crowd. They quickly cleared the way and the EMS came and picked Grace up onto the stretcher the doctor said it was not to late. They quickly rushed her into the ER where she had to be flown to another hospital. When she had arrived they had tried reving her 3 times already. They rushed her into the OR where they were able to revive her and save her life. But the criminal was still on the run. The police returned to the scene to find no evidence at all.
To be Continued...

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I was bored in class. I just started typing and this came along

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