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June 19, 2010
By Autumn5100 PLATINUM, Islamabad, Other
Autumn5100 PLATINUM, Islamabad, Other
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All good things must come to an end.

So here goes the story no one wants to hear,
I promise you every word holds a tear,
When I feel that hate comes near,
It’s like my heart is attacked by a devil spear,

Years and years that I can’t recall,
I was left alone to die in front of the second stall,
I learned to defend myself even before I could crawl,
Sour memories helped me grow tall,

Then one day things began to change,
I lost my senses and began to become strange,
As my senses started to get out of range

All I could do was get my self to sit down and hope to realize
How I can I be rid of everything I despise,
How can I over come all and rise
How can I stop the tears from coming out of my eyes?

Hours and hours I sat alone feeling destroyed
Because it was love I was devoid,
My anger and misery I could not hide
I wanted revenge my soul had died
Come night fall and I’d go on my ride

What was my ingenious plan you ask?
What was I to do to fulfill my task?
How was I to prove love is just hate wearing a mask?

I was an orphan. It’s simple; in my life I never thought of my parents. And in doing so I never thought of them as the people responsible for the hate coursing through my body. As far as I was concerned I had no parents. The people who I really blamed were the ones who would be jealous of me. They Knew, one day I would fight against the leader of all and they thought if they could put me down then I’ll never be leader. They were the devotees of Noah and only Noah.
Deep down inside I knew that the only way I could be free of the torture I was forced to endure was to defeat Noah. The cruelest man in the world. He was the leader of the dark, he never accepted anyone he just kept to his own game, the only other person he was Razier.
Even though no one wanted me to be capable of fighting against Noah, fate other plans for me. Sadly my ability to last so long alone was pretty impressive. Not even Noah could have lasted all his fights without the aid of razier.
Noah and Razier; in all the darkness these two names shadowed all. Noah was able to defeat anyone with just a flick of his sword. And razier his razor sharp eyes could pierce the skin of even the strongest man. These two were rulers of the dark. The ones who are so vile that no one could ever imagine going near them. Noah and razier; my two greatest enemies. Our fight was destiny, one that we could never escape from. One that could never have been changed.
But how does a orphan girl come to be mortal enemies with the leader of the dark? it was because when I was first attacked it was no shock to me I knew exactly what to do and with ease I won. That’s why I was competition. I was strong and Noah disliked that. He had worked his whole life to be a leader and I was just a born leader And that’s why he began to fight with me and all he wanted was my death.
Oh I still remember the final showdown between Noah, Razier and me. It still makes me laugh at how easily I killed razier. He was no match for me. How could Razier stand a match against me when I was fighting for my life before I could even talk? And with Noah It was a wild battle. He attacked with his sword, I attacked with my fists. It was the battle of the century. The winner would be the new master of the dark. I outmatched him in ever concept. Not because of my skill but because I felt like during that battle all the hate in me was being released on to Noah. I wanted to be free of the hate and I thought that the hate was only going to go away if Noah died so I killed him.
To my surprise even though I was the new master of the dark, my hate didn’t go away. I had proven that behind hate there is even more hate and that it never goes away. Love is just a lie that causes more hate. But I had conquered my fear of hate and I was the ruler of my own nightmare. So I didn’t care if hate was with me, all that mattered was I controlled the hate and that’s all I needed.

The author's comments:
This was supposed to be part of a contest between my mortal enemy who will only be mentioned as noah. we wanted to see who was the best at school and obviously i was a little bit over my head because i thought i had an advantage because english was my first language and also my passion. So i left the contest till the last minute and i do regret that because if i hadn't been over confident then this would be better, and it was originally 7000 words and the limit was 800, but as you read you will be able to tell the adjustments made to it

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