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October 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Hey Mom, hey Dad I wish I had known you. I wonder what you were like. When will I know? Will it just happen? All of my friends keep saying that they can’t wait. They say that we will undergo a complete transformation. I wish you were here. I’m about an inch tall now. I have lots of friends and a wife. I wish you could see her dad she is beautiful. Her name is Crystal. We have six kids. They are three days old except for Chris, he’s four. I hear a bell ringing. It’s ringing for the parents. Did the bell ring for you; is that why you left. I’m scared Mom and Dad I'm not sure what will happen. I don’t think that I am brave enough to do this for my family. Can I stay with my kids? Yeah I know I'm being selfish. I have to do this don’t I. I hope I get to see you again, Dad were you brave, why does my wife have to go to. Why can’t she stay with the kids? I just wish my kids will know who I am. Will I ever see them again? I wish I could have seen them grow up. I wanted them to know who their parents were. Bye kids I love you all. I’m sorry I have to go. Chris you’re in charge. You take care of your brothers and sisters for me and mommy.

Well all of the adults are here. Everyone’s talking saying that we are going to die. Some are anxious with excitement and others are scared with fear. There’s a man pulling a lever. Why is he doing this? There’s a loud bang, it sounds like rolling boulders and there are flashes of light. I wish I knew what to do. Where are we going, it’s really scary here. My wife is crying and I can’t bear to hear her cry it makes me sad. Why are we falling? I don’t even know some of these people. The color is changing for black to white very fast now. It’s getting really hot. I’m sweating really badly and all of my friends are also complaining about the heat. Is that the change we are about to go through. Will my wife be ok? Will she remember me? I don’t even recognize them any more. It just got really dark and my wife and I were separated. Where is my wife? Will I ever see her again? CRYSTAL. There are millions of us falling together. Everyone is screaming with anticipation.

What’s that, Mom, Dad I really wish that you were here? I don’t know what’s going on. Did this happen to you also. Dad did you loose your wife. Will I ever see her, smell her hair, or even hear her laugh. I really miss her. There’s something really big and black it looks flat and hard. I am falling towards it. Is this going to be the end is this how it’s all going to happen? I’m growing excited now I wonder how it will feel. Will it hurt when I change or will I like it? I wish you were here to answer these questions Dad. I’m now a water droplet. I look bigger and I feel stronger. I am descending rather quickly now. There’s still no sign of Crystal, I fear she has died. All of my friends, I can hear the screams the horror they possess. I’m no longer anxious but I know why I have to die. It’s for all of the creatures down here. I do understand, I just wish that my children figure it out before it’s too late. They need to know why they are dyeing. I really wish Crystal were here. Mom, Dad were you heroes too?

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