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July 21, 2010
By Fisk14 PLATINUM, Carmel, Indiana
Fisk14 PLATINUM, Carmel, Indiana
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The circus is a place for fun and whimsy, where childhood memories are made and dreams come true…
The dancing lights, the hypnotizing colors and the inviting music create an atmosphere of unforgettable chaos in the best way.
The magic of the place is truly inescapable.
But how much fun can the circus hold when the circus is in fact your life?

To your right, you’ll find the most dizzying ride imaginable: your emotions. Like your day, this ride will start out just fine, but will quickly become tumultuous. At one point you have your head in the clouds and life is at its peak, but soon enough, when you think everything has calmed, it catapults you into oblivion. You will be flipped and flung until you just want to scream!

Up ahead we have the famous freak show. But don’t look too close, for they are everything you believe yourself to be. Those ones there believes they are too fat, too ugly or too naïve. That one is weak because she cries, and that one can’t sleep because she is too afraid of… well, everything! That one believes they are unworthy, and that one thinks he is dumb. All of them have their faults, but all have their strengths.

Now we’ve come to the hall of mirrors. Some mirrors are shattered whilst others are whole and beautiful, much like you at times. You see it’s easy to be caught in this maze when it’s no more than a downward spiral that only shows something as horrid as the person before it. You may believe there’s no escape, no way out, any way to make yourself whole again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your time at the circus! And may all your whimsical fantasies come true

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