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August 5, 2010
By Shugo_Tsuki GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
Shugo_Tsuki GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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Slowly the seconds ticked by, each second seemed like a minute. Each minute like an hour and each hour like a day. Everything felt so slow, everything except us. We were moving faster, processing everything faster. Me and him, just us, moved faster than time. Within one second punches flew, kicks hit, and blows landed. Within that one second we were equal before on of us got hit. But after that hit, tine went back. People returned to speed, the seconds went by normally and we slowed. When one of us got hit we’d land on something and just rest there for a minute or we’d jump back up and everything went fast again. The hands, the feet, the mind. And everything went slow again. Time, people, and everything else.

I shot up in bed. My body sweating and my blanket wrapped around me. It was his first time having a dream like that. It felt so real to me. That man was so strange and yet so familiar. Did I know him? Will I know him? Who was he?

With a sigh a looked at my watch and groaned in disgust. My watch read 7a.m. August 23, 2010. It was the first day of school for me. My junior year at West Woods High School. I sighed and untangled myself from the blanket and got up. I took a big yawn then stretched my arms and scratched the back of my head. Looking around the room I picked up a pair of jean from my desk chair and quickly slipped them on. I walked from my room into the hallway and towards the kitchen.

“Morning son.” My mom said as she laid a plate of waffles bacon and eggs in front of me.

I grumbled my thanks to my mom as she simply laughed. I ate my breakfast quickly with my mom sitting in front of me doing the same. We ate in a calm silence. Once we both finished our breakfast I stood up and took our plates to the kitchen and quickly washed our dishes. My mom patted my shoulder and pushed me towards the hallway. I sighed and nodded walking towards my room slowly.

Once I got to my room I quickly grabbed my messenger bag and tossed it on my desk. I got two journals, one new and one old and worn, a few pens, an extremely worn out pencil, and my laptop from my desk and pushed them into my bag so that they fit right. I grabbed the black shirt that was thrown on my floor and put it on. I slipped on my socks and shoes then made my way out of my room grabbing my mp3 player on my way out.

Another boring year, I thought to myself after I sighed. I hooked the mp3 to the earmuff headphone that I constantly wear. I pulled my hoodie off the couch slipping it on and my backpack over my shoulder then waved my mom bye as I passed her room. I walked out of the front door while pushing the earmuffs from my neck to my ears. I played my music as I walked down the street with my hands in my pockets nodding acknowledgement to the people that waved and said hi.

With a hefty sigh I stood across the street from my school. I made my journey across the street. Sure cars were in school zones but it’s fun when cars stop each time you take a step farther into the street. Eventually I finished my trek across the slow moving traffic.

With quick short jumps I made it up the steps into the school. I shudder slightly as the cold school air hit me. I zipped up my hoodie as I went to the cafeteria. I pulled my backpack over my head and set it on the table I sat on last year. Surprisingly a few of my friends were already here. “Hey…” I said solemnly as I pulled out my chair and sat in it and yawned, covering up my mouth with my hand.

“What do you have for first?” X asked not specifically telling anyone.

“U.S. History.” Said Zen. Zen wasn’t his really name, it was Ken, but none us liked to call him Ken.

“Art” Vig Exclaimed dully as he was staring at his psp too caught up in a game. Vig was short for Virgil.

“Orchestra” I yawned again as I lifted my feet onto the table my arms behind my head.

“That’s new.” Zen said nonchalantly as he watched Vig play his game. “Never thought you’d be up for something that seems so… fancy” He jumped up throwing his fist in the air. “Ha! He died! Told you he couldn’t do it!” Zen shouted then held his hand out over the table towards Zane. “My money, Zane?”

“Shut up! I could’ve done it” Vig pouted as he turned off the system and put it in his pocket before the principal came to tell him something.

“Dammit Vig! I thought you could do it” Zane stood up and reached into her pocket and grabbed $5 and slapped it into Zen’s hand. “Why the hell do we even call you Zen? You’re not even calm half the time”

Zen shrugged. “Cause everyone in school knew me because I had the Ohm symbol on my jacket since freshman year”

“Yeah.” I let my feet slip off the table rocking the chair making me stand up and slam my hand onto the table making an empty milk carton fall over. I felt a small pair of hands on my back and I turned around and kissed the person that was behind you. It was my girlfriend, Karena, but we all call her Tink. She kissed back and rested her head on my chest as she yawned. “Sorry for keeping you up, Tink”

Tink yawned as I sat back down pulling her onto my lap resting her head back on my chest. “It’s ok Boo.” Tink smiled

Everyone laughs and I shake my head. Zane and Tink hugged each other. “Vig you have no right to make fun of Nero. I heard Dee call you Bear!” Zane teased.

Vig’s face flushed with embarrassment as he was about to stand up and retort when a pair of pale hands covered his eyes. “Bad Bear.” Dee said as she pressed herself against his back. “Behave Bear.” She rested her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Or no fun.” Vig growled a bit and sighed.

“Alright. You’re right Zane.” Vig sighed as he relaxed a bit as Dee moved her arms around Vig's neck.

Zane grabbed the $5 that was in front of Zen. “I need this so X can text me out.” She smiled as Zen frowned. “Right babe?” Zane chirped as X nodded his agreement from behind my old worn journal.

I pull Tink back into my lap making her giggle. “Speaking of going out.” I mutter as my forehead rest against Tink’s temple. “How about Sunday Tink?”

She fakes a thinking pose as she sits on my lap then she hits my chest playfully. Tink growls at me in a playfully sexy voice “Of course.” I smiled as she rested her head back on my shoulder and I felt her open her mouth. I put a finger over her open mouth to stop her from biting me.

“Bad Tink,’” I laughed gently. I kissed her softly one last time before the bell with rang. With a sigh everyone stood up and sulked off to class. I left Tink going down the hallway out of the main building. I slipped my headphones back onto my ears as I blared the music into my ears. With my hands in my pockets I pushed my way through the crowd of students were walking into the music hall. I looked up from my spot at the door to see Mr. Reyes, my orchestra teacher waving the few students that had his class into the room. I trudged my way up the stairs turning off my music and moved the headset around my neck.

“Welcome back Mr. Dominico.” Mr. Reyes said as I walked into his class when the bell rang.

“Just give me Betty and I won’t be any trouble.” I grumbled as he pushed me into class. I heard Mr. Reyes sigh and he was probably shaking his head at me. I just ignored it as I slipped my mp3 player into my bag and put my bag on the table by the door. I a sigh I slipped into the chair at the back of the class.

The author's comments:
This is just what I have for now. If you have any ideas tell me

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