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Brave Snuggs

August 14, 2010
By Paul Oliver SILVER, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Paul Oliver SILVER, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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Once upon a time, there was a little mouse named Snuggs. His brothers, his sisters, and his cousins were older than him. They made fun of him because he was small.

One day, Snuggs saw another little mouse, and she had no family, no clothes, and no food. Other mice used to make fun of her too.

The little mouse with a pink tail was captured by a dragon. The fierce dragon dragged the little mouse into a dark dungeon under a big castle. There was a princess in the dungeon.
She was crying.

“Help! Help!” they both cried. “Who will rescue us?”

Snuggs was small, but he got a big shield and a big sword. He chased away the dragon, and he rescued the princess and the mouse. The princess gave the mice a lot of gifts.

She said, “Snuggs, you are the kindest and bravest mouse that I know.”

Snuggs was so proud of himself.

The mouse princess said, “Thanks, Snuggs!” “You are so brave.”

A mouse said, “I won’t make fun of Snuggs anymore.”

Another mouse said, “Snuggs, will you be my friend, please?” “I am sorry I made fun of you.”

Another mouse said, “I wish I could be brave like Snuggs.”

The End

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