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No title; Part 1; Chapter 1: An Unwelcomed Surprise

November 7, 2010
By TristeLuvz2Write SILVER, Groton, New York
TristeLuvz2Write SILVER, Groton, New York
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I walk in to the school building with Elliana and Aradessa. “Bye Elli,” I say, as she walks down the hall to the seventh grade wing. Aradessa continues up the steep stairs with me. Aradessa’s long, straight chocolate brown hair flows midway down her back. I look at her tan skin, in vain. Her sister, Elliana, has gold blond hair and the same pale skin as me. As I reach the top of the stairs, my blue skinny jeans stick to my legs with sweat. “Bye Aradessa,” I mutter as she reaches her locker. I continue down the hall slowly. I reach my cherry red locker and put in the comb: 7, 47, and 15. I grab my English things and walk towards my homeroom. Aradessa was late again so we’re running late too. I reach the room just as the bell rings. “Good Morning Groton Middle School!” a cheery voice says on the loud speaker. “Today is October 29th! It’s a B-day! Would all eighth graders report to the gym? Have a nice day!” The voice left the speaker as Lille, Joy and I got up with the rest of our homeroom. The hall was already full of other people in my grade heading towards the gym. “Trista!” someone yells from behind me. I turn around to see Trinadie, my best friend, rushing towards me. She flips my midnight locks and asks, “What’s going on?” “I don’t know,” I reply as we walk through the gym doors. As soon as everyone’s accounted for, the doors slam shut and the lights shut off. People start screaming when a strange man appears under a spotlight. “Clam, children, clam,” he murmurs. Who is he, I think. I get my answer shortly after. “I am Ayden Johnson. For a better future in American, we have a trial course everyone in eighth grade must do. The weak will die. The strong will survive. Change into your gym uniform and get on the bus,” Ayden finishes. The whole grade gets mutters and gets up to change.

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