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Running the Border Part One

November 29, 2007
By Anonymous

The dark cold night, filled with fog as though there was great smoke engulfed the area. The moon shone so brightly through the clouds and the white fog as an eerie gloom to it. As the night moved on a crunch, crunch, crunch filled the air, the sound was so clear and pristine. On this gravel road that had so many tracks on it came an army troop carrier with the enemy inside. A huge chain-linked fence that rose to about seven with razorwire at the top, wrapped and folded around appearing as though they were metal tumbleweeds. A huge gate swung open as the army carrier drove through. This was the border. This is the ticket to freedom and prosperity for most, and a sign of oppression to others.
Crawling on the ground was a young man of about twenty-two years of age, with dark toned skin of being in the desert for too long, and short white blonde hair. The face has serious features of a seasoned vet, and deep devotional eyes that capture what they see fully. This man of great stature is clad in black with night vision goggles. With him is also a young woman who is about twenty-five years old, of short stature, and has the ability to gather anything technical. Her hair is reddish-brown with it in a braid that hangs from the middle of her head. The border, it must be crossed. These two, the best trained army personnel in the world, will do that.
Back at the base, the tall blonde man speaks greatly of his personnel, and tells them this will be no easy task.
“Captain. Who has top priority when transferring civilians if worst comes to worst?” asks this shorter man with brown hair and a short beard.
“Private Quincy, that would be the children, then the women. Hopefully it will not come to that.” Replies the tall blonde man.
“Jonas, I mean captain, who leads what unit?” asks a midheight man of buzz hair and loving eyes.
“Harris, the units are broken up into two teams. You and Quincy with twenty women, five children, and seven men; Harriet and I with fifteen children and three men,” answers back the Captain.
“Sir!” replies everyone in sync
“And Harris and Quincy, you too are alone for now, the Swiss will be your reinforcements later on” says the captain.
“Yes sir!” Now time just seem to pass as the rumbling of trucks and bombs go by: glass breaks, screams are heard, death is present in this land.
“Captain Martins! Message from the Swiss!” yells Jean Harriet, the young lady with him before.
“Patch him through!...Captain Samson? What is it?” asks the captain still with his cool intact.
“Sorry Jonas, but Australia is blocking our ability to provide reinforcements from the other side. You are on your own. Good luck guys, see you on the flipside! Out,” answers the other captain.
“Yeah, you too. Godspeed!”
The night now arrived, since the initial recon mission. The time had come, at three o’clock this morning; all fifty civilians would be transferred over the border. These four people are the best trained in the world, but this is where the training stops and the actual reality of war begins. Around the general eating area, all four sat silent. No one saying a word. The civilians are going to a religious service and the four are keeping watch until the next service right at one o’clock in the morning. Two went to the earlier one, while the other two will be going then. The T.V. showed the news of the United States in utter turmoil, the death that comes with war, the hate and bitterness, the sadness and the loss of the people you love. World War Three had become a reality, but not with Iran or Iraq, but with Australia and Greece. The fight for fossil fuels had finally come, the U.S. had been entirely renewable resources since 2029, and the war started in 2042 with Greece blowing up half the U.S. Now it is 2048, and the war shows no sign of slowing down.
Finally the time came. The fifty civilians and the four personnel gear up and prepare to run the border. The soldiers considered saviors in their eyes. They move across the country side to the chain-linked fence and razorwire. They move to the infiltration point and set up the explosives.
Then…it happened.

To Be Continued…

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