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Rising Phoenix Chapter 3

December 3, 2010
By XxAshesxX BRONZE, Dublin, Other
XxAshesxX BRONZE, Dublin, Other
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Rising Phoenix 4 Years Later…

"Being yelled at by your first teacher of the morning -no- all of your teachers from this morning is not something you should be proud of, phoenix!"

Sighed a seventeen-year-old Jem. His tired blue/green eyes studied the hallway floors that led to the cafeteria. He was trying to avoid eye contact with Phoenix. He was sick and tired of her always falling into detention nearly every day for the past four years. And she was enjoying every second of it. He was even losing sleep over her and he cursed himself for it.
There was a silence. Phoenix started to fix her clothes, which is one of the many habits she does when she’s nervous. She was wearing a simple white T-shirt over a pair of loosely threaded shorts and a pair of ruby red converse. She vandalised over the sign with a peace mark, which she usually does with most of her clothes and shoes. Around her neck she wore a cherry necklace with a golden chain that dangled as she walked. Fixing the strap on her shoulder bag she muttered,

“I’m not proud of it.”

“Well then why do you insist on pushing teachers buttons?”

“No I –Dude, pushing teachers buttons? Ha, you’re lame!”

“I AM NOT!” He complained, hurt.

“Yeah, Jem, yeah I think you are, you’re a teachers’ pet for God’s sake!” Jem was silent for a few moments, until he reviewed over her words.

“I thought you didn’t believe in God?” Phoenix hesitated before she stated,

“Well, I don’t, but what do you want me to say? For your mom’s sake?”

“No-” But Jem was cut off by a fit of shrill giggles.

“Yeah! Actually I’m keepin’ that one.”
Jem sighed heavily in defeat and turned to walk away just when Phoenix caught him and pulled him in to a hug.

“Aw, come on Jemmy, you know I love ya!”
Hearing this Jem’s cheeks bruised red, but knowing that it wasn’t exactly true, he quickly recovered and pulled away. He was saved thankfully by; Miki who bounded up to greet them for lunch.

Miki is the kind of person, who would get excited over, even the smallest of things, but also be the kind of girl who could, and would trust anyone.

For example: trust the darkness of a small alleyway and skip down its path as if it was a flowery forest in the springtime. Her sparkling aqua blue eyes would look at you with hope and excitement when telling a story; her over-exaggerated hand movements would be flailing, giving opinion.
She always liked and favoured the colour blue, and would try fitting it in with her clothing and hairstyle. She always wore her tiny baby blue ribbon clips in her long chocolate streaming hair, and when in distance you could smell her blueberry shampoo she worshipped.
She was small and a little plump but that never put her down. She was small enough to manoeuvre in and out of groups of people to surprise and even frighten, which she loved to do.
Being small however didn’t mean she had a squeak for a voice. When she talked she exclaimed and widened her voice so everyone in distance could hear her. Her voice always seemed have a hint of a giggle or laughter, it was like a sunbeam of light that would brighten a gloomy and murky day for someone.

“G’mornin’ maties!” Miki beamed, running up behind them, embracing them both in a headlock, which is Miki’s equivalent of a hug.

“Uhm…Miki air please!” Phoenix choked, laughing. “And the morning is over! …Thank Jem’s mom…”
Miki released them both and joined in with the laughter.

“Come on, Phoenix, we need to get our seats!” Arm in arm they were about to go into the cafeteria when Jem stopped them both.

“Uh, hello! What about me?!”

“What about you?” Miki asked innocently. Phoenix jabbed her with her elbow before answering the question.

“Uhm, Jem don’t take this the wrong way, but we don’t wana sit with you today.” For once Jem actually looked puzzled.

“Why?” he asked blinking in confusion. This time it was Phoenix to look confused.

“You mean you don’t know?”

“Know what?!

“Your eating habits!”

“What eating habits?!” This time Jem was genuinely getting annoyed.

“Oh my Jem’s Mom…”She muttered. Jem twitched in anger and exasperation. Though through the years he was starting to develop patience and anger issues, Phoenix only started to notice them now. She studied him carefully.

“Fine, you can eat with us…” She sighed turning into the cafeteria. Miki followed, dragging Jem along with her, who was now reluctant.

After they lined up for their food, they sat at a table near one of the windows, over looking the school’s few gardens. It was a hot and humid day so Jem got up to open the window, he stood there for a few moments allowing the breeze to cool him down, before he sat down to tuck in.

For lunch meat loaf`- which Jem and Miki loved and Phoenix hated. She preferred hot and spicy foods like chilli. So instead she stuck with her mash potato. But even she didn’t have an appetite for that; for Jem had already started to eat and all she could do was stare.

Phoenix Senju, arms crossed and detention –struck, glared at the hands of the school clock to go faster. She was only in there a half an hour, but to her it felt like half a lifetime. She sighed and glanced up at the teacher supervising. Her name was Ms. Feur. And she seemed to be as ancient as the pyramids themselves. The school always seemed to have her lurking the corridors ever since it had been opened.
Her black beady eyes sank right into her skull, never showing a flicker of emotion. Her white thin wiry hair also clamped back to meet her skull along with the rest of her facial features. Her clothes seemed to date back to pre-historic times and they never seemed to match. Her body shrank; hidden beneath her clothing, as if she was a skeleton hiding in a closet, ready to pounce on any student near, like she was about to do with Phoenix.

“Vat ‘re you staring at?!” she spat. That’s another thing, she had a thick German accent. Phoenix blinked in confusion; she swore she only gave a glance.

“No-nothing, Miss!” yelped Phoenix. She was the only teacher that her a ‘little’ bit, mostly because of her quirky features.

“Ya, Zahts vat I though!”

“Pff…b****…” Phoenix muttered to herself, putting her head on her crossed arms.

“Vat vas zat?!”

“I said I have an itch.”


“Hmmm…thank you South Park.”


Phoenix was about to come up with something else to say, but thankfully she was saved by the bell, signalling the end of detention. Phoenix hurriedly grabbed her possessions and bolted out of the door with not a backward ‘stare’. To be greeted by the only other person in the world who seemed to get Phoenix, besides Jem, Miki and her boyfriend Chester. Even though he was a teacher. He was the only teacher who kept his patience with her since she started at the school, four years ago. In return she paid attention in all of his classes and studied. The two classes he taught were the ones she did well in –English and History, besides her Art and dance classes.

He would bring the classes alive with animation and creativity of the subject. For example: If they were doing ancient Rome or Greece he would arrive dressed the character. Or if learning about World War II: he would proberly rein act a famous death scene or battle with himself or with a few students.
So as you can see showing up for one of his classes was never a chore or bore.

“’Sup, Sir?” Phoenix grinned nodding towards the tall lean figure; he was so thin you would swear when he moved he would snap like a twig. Miles Hatch –that was his name grinned back,

“Nothin’ much, but I see you had detention again.” He had a twinge of a welsh accent. Instantly her grin thinned into a frown.

“What do you expect?” These teachers have hated my guts ever since I’ve walked threw these school doors!”

“Well, announcing that “you’re” here and throwing them your luggage, thinking they’re your servants was not a very good first impression. And then not doing your homework, and pranks-.”

“Ok! Ok! I get it!” Phoenix cut in, agitated. His face softened and asked,

“What about your Art and Dance teachers? They seem to like you, in fact I heard from a little birdie that you’re one of the best in your Dance class.”

“Mmm…well that’s only ’cause I find it like skating, the rhythm in the music shows your feet and body the way to sway and move. The way the board moves along ramps and the sidewalks shows your body and feet the same thing, I guess.” She said, animating the movements with a smirk of knowledge. She looked up to see him engrossed and confused to what she was explaining. But then thinking back over her words, she gasped, she completely forgot that she was supposed to meet Jem at the skate park.

“Sorry, Sir, gotta go!” She said trying to side step passed him, but he moved back into her path.

“Remember, Nix, English assignment is due tomorrow!” He smirked, he loved to remind students of their homework and see their face drop when they’ve forgotten, Of course this was the second thing he loved doing. The first, was admiring himself every second, although he seemed all right in looks he ruined it anyway with his fashion sense. He had the clothing style of a drunken, blind monkey who liked the colour mould green.

“Gah! OK, Sir! Just move! Please!” She jittered hopping from one foot to the other in anticipation.

“Ha ha ha, OK, you can go!” He laughed, stepping a-side to let her pass. Phoenix raced to get to her dorm; she took as many shortcuts as she could to cut time. When she finally arrived at her dorm, and found her room, she paused outside to catch her breath and prayed-no-hoped that her roommate Kimmi, would not be in. She held her breath and clutched the doorknob, flicking her wrist, allowing the door the swing open. Her eyes flickered around her room. The room was totally split, even the walls, Kimmi’s green and Phoenix’s purple. One side was as Phoenix would call it a total ‘Girl’s’ room and Phoenix’s what Kimmi would call a total ‘Boy’s’ room. Everything on Kimmi’s side was green and or pink. Flowers, butterflies and pictures of boys were everywhere. But most of them were of Jem.
Phoenix’s area contained posters of skateboard legends and a few sketches. She had picked up a few things from Mikayla when she was struggling at Art, the first few years. She pestered her to help until Mikayla finally gave in.
Another difference besides the messiness of Phoenix and the neat freak is, well everything about themselves is the opposite of one another. Phoenix froze in the door frame, hoping Kimmi hadn’t noticed her, she had her back turned to Phoenix and she was studying. Her long purple hair was thrown up in her usual loose pigtails’; leaving bunches trailing down her back. (Who dyes their hair Purple?) She was wearing and old blue cardigan that she wrapped around herself like a shawl and a short green skirt, with bunches of gold jewellery around her neck and waist. As Phoenix and most of the other students agreed, she dressed and acted like a fifty-year-old woman, even though she was only fifteen. Phoenix rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue out at Kimmi’s back and just at that very moment, she turned around, her green eyes eyeing her boredly, her glasses askew.

“Detention, again, I see?” Kimmi droned fixing her position on her bed, turning back to what looked like a Geography book.

“Whatever, I do with my life is none of your business, four eyes. This is my side and that’s your side, I can’t see you and you can’t see me so lets’ keep it that way shall we?”
Kimmi listened to her “speech” with a tired expression but did not respond but instead she fiddled with the pages on her book.

After ransacking her half of the room, Phoenix finally found her skateboard in a pile of dirty laundry.

“Are you going skating with Jem?” Kimmi asked, curiosity and obsession setting in. She put down her book and propped up on her elbows, interested for once to what Phoenix has to say. Phoenix rolled her eyes, but did not answer.

“I’m taking that as a yes!” She said eagerly.

“Give him a kiss, from me!”

“Ew! No!” Phoenix retched, slamming the door behind her.
Phoenix fingered her board delicately. She loved the design. Jem had bought it for her twelfth birthday, because she had always tagged along with himself and his friends to the skate park, borrowing their skateboards because she didn’t have one.

On the skateboard it had a skull that took up most of the board with red rubies for eyes. Violet and scarlet flower petals outlined the outside and around the board. Also fire outlined the skull, entwining words that read, Phoenix, Jem had it custom made.

Once she was outside the dorm and down onto the main streets she hopped on her board and to her own rhythm circled in and out of angry pedestrians. She could never figure out what the public’s problem was with skaters, she along with her other friends always went out of their way to avoid them.
She was so deep in her own thought’s that she didn’t notice a gap in the sidewalk. The skateboard fell into the crack, jamming itself sending Phoenix tumbling to the hard pavement she landed on her knees. She struggled to her feet and brushed of the dirt leaving two jagged deep cuts along her knees, blood stained and dirtied up her legs. But she didn’t bother with her injuries, instead she picked up her board, which luckily escaped no injury and skated on towards the park.


The sinking sun of an April evening set the beauty of red, orange and yellow ink across the sky, that also set across the skyscrapers. They trapped and blinked the light out and around the city to blind.
Phoenix shivered, as she curved into Central park, the heat was escaping with the sun and whispers of a breeze were showing. She wished she had brought a jacket. But dismissed the thought depending on Jem, yet again to lend her, his.

Luckily she could see the Skate Park. Well, it wasn’t exactly a Skate park, but the area was commonly used as one. It was called Liberty Walk, where the band shell was placed. The stage curved with a stone back, which amplified the sound. It was just west of 72nd street.
Phoenix twisted in and out of children, their angry mothers and the elderly, gaining speed and stopping again for her own amusement. She reached a fountain; she flipped her board with her feet allowing her to reach height and then landed again on the outskirt of the fountain. Her heart pounded, reminding herself how near to water she was, but other than that she was enjoying the thrill and adrenalin she was gaining from it.
Humming to the sound of the board drone on the stone she smiled, the water from the fountain was trickling down, the wind carried some which sprayed on her face; cooling her down.
Phoenix swerved of and down back towards the ground, her eyes skimmed the crowd of skaters in front of her to see if she could pinpoint Jem. Phoenix was beginning to feel dread, she couldn’t see Jem or any of her other friends and worst still, she could see Kylie, Literally the schools biggest b****. Phoenix’s eyes widened when she saw her she let out a low whistle before turning back towards the main road, although she loved a good b**** fight, she wasn’t in the mood.

“Hey, day walker!” Kylie sneered, waving her arms towards Phoenix, her friends-followers-giggled in the background. Kylie was not a skater but sometimes she hung around there just to mock other skaters if they failed to amuse her. She had dirty blonde hair that she always threw up in a messy ponytail, dark eyes, which were framed in a perfect heart and she also had flawless height and weight that most girls would die for including a not-too-happy-about-it: Phoenix. Kylie and her followers were famous in school to hound everyone and what they did, for Phoenix mostly her hair colour.
Phoenix was honestly too lazy to care she had friends, so she took the insults in her stride. She simply swatted them away slackly as if they were mere flies.

“What do you want?” Phoenix droned she turned. Kylie was a few meters in front of her now.

“You do realise that this is a no ginger zone, right?!” She snapped.

“And you do realise that I don’t care, I was born to break the rules anyway!” Phoenix smirked picking up her skateboard she pushed past Kylie causing her to fall sideways, she caught herself before she fell. Her face exploded with anger.

“Don’t touch me! I don’t want to get your disease!”

“What disease?!”


“Oh lord…” Phoenix rolled her eyes turned her back to Kylie and started on her path again.

“Where’s Jem? Has he finally come to his senses and ditched you? I wouldn’t really be surprised.” While saying this with a silly high-pitched voice she suddenly found her nails very interesting but then she started again; trying to anger Phoenix,

“Him and I used to go out, ya know?” This time Kylie was strolling up to Phoenix a grin plastered across her face. But Phoenix still had her back to her.

“I mean you- you- don’t even act like a girl-dude- you’re more like a “dude”. Actually no…you don’t even act human! …Lizard eyes.” Now she was right behind Phoenix; she was whispering in her ear, her warm breath sent shivers down Phoenix’s spine.
Phoenix turned back to face Kylie she honestly had enough,

“Look, Kylie, I honestly do NOT care-”

“Oh look she’s going back to her orphanage days!” Kylie mocked; ignoring her, pointing to her scraped knees and dirtied clothes.

Phoenix cringed; Kylie had finally found her flaw.
Kylie smirked she saw it in Phoenix’s eyes it had screamed “vulnerable”.

“Ah so that’s where you get your kick and wildness from; you’re an orphan you don’t know any better because you have no-one no family no parents no-one! But I’d say if you did have any parents you would still be no good!”
She cocked her head and smiled in the most innocent way; it suddenly reminded her of Alex. Then everything from the orphanage she had tried to forget over the past few years had all rushed back so abruptly that it brought tears to her eyes and she cursed herself for it.

When Kylie saw the first drop of tears she gained her satisfaction from finally breaking Phoenix. Kylie opened her mouth yet again to say something sarcastic or b****y but Phoenix did not hear it, for she blocked it out, she blocked everything out. All she wanted to do was go home. Home is that what the place where she went to school was now called, home?

Phoenix leaped onto her skateboard and raced towards the main gate. Just before she reached it a boy who had messy blonde hair and who was also on a skateboard stopped her in her tracks. A grin was spread from cheek to cheek and his chocolate brown eyes twinkled as he set eyes on his girlfriend.

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