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Scary the Witch

November 16, 2007
By Anonymous

In a town somewhere in Louisiana, where all kids played outside all the time and got called in for dinner, there lived a witch that could never scare anybody. Her name was Scary the Witch and she couldn’t wait till Halloween. She wanted to scare the children that went trick or treating. She thought this was the year she would be able to scare children, and she did look her part. She had orange skin and a big crocked nose. She had frizzy untamed black hair, and she had the traditional black dress with the pointy hat. She had big ugly feet and her shoes flip upward. She carries a long broom wherever she went. She looked pretty ugly.

But she had a little problem. She didn’t scare the children on regular days; they scared her. She didn’t know what to do. She was the one that had to be scaring the children. So not only was she having problems scaring them, but she also had to find a way to scare them.

She tried everything she could think of. She hid behind a bush and waited till they came. Then she would jump out and yell boo. The kids looked at her and then laughed. She also tried to fly around on her broom and swoop down really close to them. It didn’t scare them. She tried to sneak up behind them and tap them on the shoulder, and when they turned around, she would say “boo.” They didn’t get scared. Honestly, they seemed to be getting bored.

Well, Halloween finally came around. Everybody was all dressed up and trick or treating. They were all going down the decorated block. The block looked kind of scary because the houses had skeletons coming out of the ground and zombies adored their house. There was “zombies’ blood” all over the place. The block was really dark. Scary the Witch thought this would be the perfect time to try and scare the children.

She knew they would knock on her door and say “trick or treat.” Everybody was used to getting a treat, but she thought she was going to give them a trick instead. So, she prepared a plan to scare the children. She made her house look like a haunted house. It had flying ghosts and walking skeletons. She had fake blood on her windows and a fog all around her house, and the inside of her house was really cold.

She waited quietly and patiently until a few children knocked on her door. The door opened by itself, and a scary voice told them to come in. The kids were startled but weren’t really scared. They came in and said, “trick or treat.” Those words triggered her traps. The ghosts were flying around and making ghost sounds. The skeletons walked around while they touching the kids. The fog made the kids not see as well and there was a cold drafted in the house. This sent the children running out the house and crying. Scary the Witch came out laughing. She had finally scared them.

After that, the children were afraid of her and didn’t want to be near her. When she came into a room; they left it. If she tried to talk to them, they would run away screaming. Scary the Witch felt bad for scaring them and didn’t like that nobody wanted to be near her. So she decided she was going to apologize and tell them how she meant no harm.

The next time she saw them she said, “I’m sorry. I realized now that it was bad to scare you guys. It was kind of mean.”

They said, “Its okay. We know you are a witch and that’s what you would try to do. We just didn’t think it would scare us that much. We know all you wanted to be able to scare somebody. You didn’t mean any harm.”

Scary the Witch excitedly said, “I’m glad you’re okay with it. I promise I won’t do it again.”

The children said, “That’s a relief. Come on, let’s go play.”

So from then on everybody was happy. They lived together peacefully. Scary the Witch realized that it’s better to have friends than scare everybody. She also figured out how to play a joke and not take it too far.

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