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Dog and Cat

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Cat observed Dog from afar. The tactless creature was at it again: leaving muddy tracks all over the hardwood floor; Cat winced at his filthiness. She could not fathom why Dog refused to grow up, why he persisted in his juvenile games, or why he could not, at the very least, subscribe to the tenets of personal hygiene. Even after multiple reprimands from their owner, Dog refused to take responsibility for his actions. Cat could not help but smugly perceive that dogs, unlike cats, were vacuous creatures, condemned to lack natural elegance and grace. Cat had attempted to teach Dog sophistication and refinement, but those qualities were beyond Dog. They had once been the best of friends, but that was when they had shared the same litter, metaphorically speaking.

Dog could not even begin to understand Cat. Ever since a certain age, Cat had started acting as though she and Dog were of different pedigrees. Well, certainly they were very different. But that hadn’t stopped them from growing up together as best friends. So why had they had drifted so far apart? Alas, no longer did they wrestle in the back garden and come home with mud splattered all over their coats and thistles protruding from their paws. No longer did they enjoy just being animals, without another care in the world. What had happened to the two of them? Cat was of another league now: beyond the reach of Dog. They no longer associated with one another; how could he, a helpless, clumsy animal, dare to be seen in the presence of Cat? It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried; he had given up long ago, disappointed that Cat refused to be friends. Although Dog envied Cat for her nobility, her grace, and her air of confidence, he could not help but pity her, for she was neither true to herself nor to her friends.

Cat stole another glance at Dog. A stupid smile was framed in his face as he recognized their owner coming through the front door; he showed no regard for the consequences of his actions. Although Cat pitied Dog, she could not help but envy him, for he cared little about perfection, about appearance, or about reputation. In truth, Cat could not fully understand why Dog was so happy– and why she was not.

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