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One Summer Day

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Chapter 1


“WOW! WOW! Look at that.” screamed Azura. I turned around it was a huge building that looked abandoned probably more than 30 years ago. “I wounded how come I didn’t see it before?” I thought to my self. “Let’s go!” Kairi said suddenly. The hill where we saw the building wasn’t far away from our school. We usually came here to find things for our 8th grade life science class. Azura and Kairi were walking in front of me. “Hurry up!” both girls told me. But I thought to my self that some thing bad was going to happen. The two girls tried to open the door. Kairi thought for a minute than said “Let’s get that piece of wood and push it against the door.” The door flew open. There was nothing except another door. “Oh” said sadly Azura there was nothing. Kairi just kept on walking to the other door. “I wonder if we should stop!” I told to both of them. “Let’s go!” said Kairi quickly. ”Fine...” I told her, but it looked like she didn’t care. The other door opened in front of our eyes. There were two small candles on the table. We came up to the table than we noticed there was a small golden with silver box and outside the box were letters or saying that I couldn’t read. The candles just when on fire… “Ahh… Guys look at the candles.” Said Azura unsurely. I took the small box and opened it. I know when the box would be open our lives would be changed for ever…

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Chapter 2

The charms and there owners

I opened the box in there was six small spots and in the first spot was a small blue stone in the next one was a red stone after that there was a green stone and the other stone was white but the last stone was purple. But the weird thing was that there was an empty spot. I wondered… I thought to myself. “Oh I want that one!” said Azura and pointed her finger at the blue one. ”Hmm I like the purple one.” Said Kairi. “Hmm I guess I would like the green one…”I told my friends. Well now let’s go. Before our eyes a huge shadow appeared. “You there just opened a Grazodiome! ”The shadow told us in unexpected way. ”If I can ask what is the Grazodiome?”My friend Azura asked. ”Ahh Grazodiome is a box that contains a high level of magic and not everybody can open the box. Well you can see long ago there were six witches each witch hold her own power, but not every witch was good, one witch was evil. So at the end each witch sealed her power in a charm and the charms were sealed until you opened the Grazodiome.” Explained The Showdow. “Hmmm well so what shell we do with the charms?”Azura asked the shadow. “Hmm well the charms choose you not anybody else. So the Charms will teach you and you will teach the Charms.” Told the ghost. “What? You sound like our Social Study teacher. I can’t understand…”before Azura finished the sentence the Shadow disappeared. Click Click Click… “Whaaattt is that?! Ahh! What are we suppose to do?” Screamed out Azura. “I think it wants to fight…”Explained Kairi. “I think I know that! Yeah but how do we fight?” Screamed to us Azura. “I don’t know!” We both replied at the same time to Azura’s Question. Then when a monster tried to attack Azura something happed. I was still unsure of it even now…

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Chapter 3

The Unknown Place

“Ouchy! Where are we?” Azura asked out loud. But for a few minutes nobody replied to her. I thought it was a dream but it wasn’t it was real. When that bright watery light came from no where I felt like a completely different person just came in my body and I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t know what was the feeling was I scared or surprised but than before I could have done anything I realized that I was awaken by Azura. “Hey Tem are you ok?” Ask Azura. “Yes I am.” I replied. But when I opened my eyes we weren’t any longer in the building we were in the most unbelievable place ever that you could of imagine. “Wooow…” Azura said with a big surprising look on here face. Even Kairi was a little surprised. But that place it was like something that was not from this world and I was right it wasn’t. It was a land field that you couldn’t see the land instead you can only see clouds or smoke and small fireflies that kept on going around me but when I tried to move this voice told me to stop and it felt like it came from the fireflies. Then something appeared but it was too far away I couldn’t see it. It was a girl an older girl. And it looked like the fireflies were making her. But I had a feeling like she wasn’t living and I thought to myself who is this girl? Why is she here? What is going to happen next? And other things but I couldn’t say them or ask that girl any of those questions. It felt like somebody or something controlled my body. That moment I big flash appear and then I saw like fifty different worlds in five minutes. “Tem! Tem wake up! Tem!!!” Screamed Azura. “Oh I’m fine!” I lied with a smile to my friends when I woke up I told them with a sleepy voice. That moment I felt like it was a dream or maybe even a nightmare but it wasn’t real. I just couldn’t tell them about it.

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Chapter 4

The Charms and the Secretes

After that none of us talked a lot nor told each other what happened but it looked like all three of us had a secret about what happened. And that moment my small charm started to glow. “Ah. What’s happing?” Kairi and Azura asked me at the same time. “I don’t know but my green charm is glowing” I told them. That moment the brown Charm turned into a small black ring it looked like any other moon ring. But it wasn’t. Then Azura’s Charm did that but it tuned into a bracelet and Kairi’s turned into a necklace. Each object contented a different color gem like for Azura she had a blue Charm so her gem was blue and Kairi’s was purple and mine was brown. “What just happened?” My friend asked us. “Um I’m not sure but I think the charms transformed.” I explained. “ok… So now what? Let’s go back home?” Said Azura. Then after few minutes a strange image appeared in front of us. It had no face no body form nothing it was like a misty Shadow. But it had the nicest and softest like bell ringing voice that I have ever heard. She told us this “Hello you must be the new mistresses of the charms. It’s nice to meet you. Your journey with magic and other worldly things beings from now on you passed the first part now you will protect everything that is good and with every world you will learn more about your charms and abilities and there privies users. Good luck I wish to you!” Told us the
mysteries image. Then it disappeared as fast as it appeared. “What are we supposed to do ah we don’t even know how to work them and we are only in 9th grade ah come back here and tell us more!” Screamed Azura in the direction where the mysteries image has been.

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Chapter 5

The Transformation

“Ah what did we get ourselves into! Oh boy! Who should we tell about this” Said Azura with a worried face looking at Kairi and me. “We can tell my uncle he lives in Japan and he spend his whole life in the temple. But he is too much into that stuff and he always does something crazy and it never works, but it’s funny to watch!” Told Kairi to Azura. “No! No! No! We can’t tell about theses charms anyone! Also remember we still have one extra charm the red one and the green one we have to find there owners!” I told to both of them. “Yeah but what are we supposed to do with them! I know you like to help people and so do I but don’t you think it’s too much?” said Azura to me. “Yeah we are only in 9th grade, but if you need me I will be there for you. Our friendship is stronger then anything! Right?!” Said Kairi with a smile on her face. That moment I knew we will be friends for ever and will be together forever well at least I thought that. “Yeah I will be there too Tem we always do have to save you from trouble.” Azura said to me. Then we all laughed. After that we all walked to my house then Azura and Kairi left. That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept on looking at the black ring and I wondered “Why is it black? Why me? And who did I see in that place but I couldn’t find an answer to any of those questions. Then I thought what would happen to me if I tack off the ring. I tried to tack it off but it felt like it was stack. And it was the in my mind for no reason what so ever I thought what if I transform and when I thought of that and pulled the ring it came off and there was a lot of light. Before I could of done anything I found my self wearing a beautiful outfit.

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Chapter 6

First day of 9th grade

“Wow! How did I do that?! What’s going on oh…?” I screamed out but not too loud. When I moved to get the phone everything stopped. It looked like time was frozen. My clocks didn’t move my cat was stuck in a middle of his stretch and I couldn’t here cars that were moving by. Then that mysteries image appeared again. “You have passed my test and so did your friends now you may begin your training as a protector. Also don’t forget that you are the Earth Protector. And you must find the Fire Protector. As soon as possible or the worlds will be destroyed.” It told me. For some reason I knew this will happen and my bad or good feelings always do come true. After that I went to bed. But I kept on wondering. What just happened…? “It’s morning!” my older sister screamed in my ear to wake me. “Ouch!” I screamed back at her! “What do you want?” I asked her in a sleepy voice. “Oh you are late for school if you don’t wake up right now.” She told me with a smile. Then I got dressed as fast as I could have and then I ran outside. Then I saw Azura she was waiting for me so we can both go to school. That was the first day of the New Year and new school. I wasn’t as exited as I was two in a half month ago. I was more worried about the black ring and that place and that girl and everything that happened that summer day. I just couldn’t get over it. “Hey guess what I heard. I heard that there is going to have a new student at the High School maybe we should see if the charms belong to her?” Screamed out Azura. “That is a good idea if it does then we only have one more charm owner to find.

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Chapter 7

The Girl that possess Red Charm

“Oh my god!” All of us said it at the same time. Before us was standing a new girl with light brownish hair and three high lights on one side and three on the other. She was wearing a cute red skirt and a white school t-shirt and a big bow on her shirt it was also red, well same thing as us. My friends and I were one of the most popular kids but I can see that girl was something new to our school. The bell rang and all the people rushed to class. There were many new students and new teachers, but her she ahh she just stood out from everything. “Hey was that the girl that was the new student?” I asked Azura. “Yeah, I think so.” Azura turned to be and finished her last piece of candy. The bell rings forth period lunch time! We see that the new girl sitting all alone so we come over we sit around her. Azura at one side
Kairi at the other and me in front. I say to her “HI my name is Tem Haruko, and this is my friend Azura Yume and that is my friend Kairi Yuuki!” she looked at me weirdly like who are you and what do you want with me. In the back I heard that a few guys had a conversation they were say “Wow can you belief it the most popular girls in school talking to a new girl. I wonder what they’re up to.” When I heard that I had a feeling that I just wanted to hit them with a book and a have one too! Than the red gem just started to glow I knew that girl was the forth person that we add to our group. “Hey, that is a pretty gem? Can I look at it?” We said all at once “YES!” She had this weird face on again that said “Ok…”Then time froze again. “Not again! Oh no!” All three of us screamed but I can see that the new girl wasn’t scared not like us before she was surprised.

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Chapter 8

Nikki’s birthday

“Wow! Look at her she is one of us! She malformed. I knew it!” Screamed out Azura. “Well I guess she is.” Kairi looked like she knew it already. The girl looked around her self. She was wearing this cute orangey reddish dress. It was only over one shoulder and at the bottom was all cut into triangles. It was really beautiful I could even say firry. “Who are what do you want with me?” The girl said in a firm voice. I can see she liked the outfit but was I little creped out and I can’t blame her I was too. “New girl…”Before I finished she said “Nikki. My name is Nikki Ongaku!” She screamed out loud toured us. “Nikki I know it’s hard to understand. Trust me I’m new to this too but this is magic and you posses the red charm.” I looked at Nikki and told her strait in the eye. “I know my day set this up because I was mad at him on my birthday!” I felt anger at her voice then I saw flames coming right at Azura, Kairi and me. It was scary but before they reached us the just vanished. “So it’s your birthday?” I asked quietly. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Azura, Kairi and me screamed to Nikki. “Hey Nikki want to hang out after school?” I asked her. “Sure that sounds nice! Hey what are we going to do with this freezing thing?” Nikki asked. “Oh it’s up to you not us!” Azura answered with the smile. “Ok…” with the way of her hands the people unfroze. When I came from school I had no Idea what or why what happened today happened oh well I will live and keep living. The sun went down and with it my normal life.

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Chapter 9

“ The Note ”

Ah it was a bright shinny day with sun up and not a single cloud. I got ready and went to school like I always do. Bell, Math, Music, Art, Reading, Science, Lunch- same old same old nothing new –talk, do work (Be bored). But in my History class something weird. “Class what year- did…” my teacher said. Five or so hands were raised. He picks on the smartest kid in class. “The answer is…” said the kid. But I wasn’t paying much attention. Then out of my desk came out a small fluffy thing. It asked me “Are you the Earth priest? If you are can you carry this later to other side of the school?” I looked at him like he is odd for asking me that, but then again this is not the weirdest. Then he asked “Will you do it?” I said “Shore…Why not” “Great here is the map where the place is located please delivered to my master before the last bell.” “Ok shore I will do it…”I told the fluffy guy. Bell I get outside and I see Kairi and Azura. I ran to them “Hey guys guess what. This thing pop out of now where and asked us to deliver this latter to his so called master. Also we have to deliver it before the last bell rings.

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