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The Ghost Machine™

November 24, 2007
By Anonymous

How peaceful could this night be? The moon was full and you could hear the wolves and the crickets loudly. This was a special, but horrendous night for the world because it was how Friday, the 13 and its brother, Sunday, the 15, was created. Peter Melvin, an ingenious 18-year-old boy, was in his basement, plotting his scariest machine on the face of the planet, in which only lasted for 2 full nights. “I’ve done it!” exclaimed Peter. “I’ll call it ‘The Ghost Machine’”. It was a machine that created artificial ghosts and had a time limit in case they try to do some mischief. Peter had created machines since he can remember and they were famous throughout the world. This machine was assigned for the U.S. Capital’s 37th Annual Halloween Party Bash and with Peter’s Ghost Machine, the party will be the best one ever.
Peter grinned as he marveled the Ghost Machine, then left for bed and slept. He dreamed of the party that was going to come. But something was wrong. Indefinitely wrong. Something that made the source of Friday, the 13.
Our hero woke up with a happy smile. He went downstairs to get his delicious breakfast his mother always makes when he had a thought to check on the Ghost Machine. He went down to see his Ghost Machine…and he gasped. There was the machine, but it wasn’t alone. It was an artificial ghost. He has seen ghosts before, but this was the scariest one he was seeing currently. “Good day to you, sir…” He dashed to the machine and turned it off. The ghost disappeared. Who turned the machine on?
Peter went to the Reflecting Pool to demonstrate his Ghost Machine. It was a success! Everyone was so horrified, that even the president jumped into the Reflecting Pool (“That looks so real! RUN, EVERYBODY!!!”). “That was so scary!” said Bush. “Maybe you should make it less scary so that our guests don’t run away like we did”. Peter agreed and went home to edit the Ghost Machine. But when he got there, the place was deserted and Carl Mifflin, his 18-year-old friend, was there, looking astound. “Carl, what happened?” asked Peter.
“I don't know. When I came here to ask your mom if we can hang out, I saw your house in a mess. I tried to call your parents, but they weren’t there, so I started cleaning the house. By the way, you have interesting inventions.”
“Thanks. Who would want to do this?”
“I don't know”.
They went to Peter’s basement to have a look…and 5 ghosts appeared. Peter and Carl froze. Carl fainted. “How did you get here?” asked Peter nervously.
“We came here to find our master. We were left alone the night before and we were worried that we would be…uuh, what’s the word?...extinct. So we searched the whole place, looking for you, but you weren't there. We heard some screams, but they died out.”
“That was probably my parents. I went to demonstrate the Ghost Machine, the machine I created that made you all.”
“Sorry about scaring your…parents. Anyway…where was I? we found you.”
“Was it you who messed up the house and the machine?”
“I’m sorry, but…yes”.
“Ok. So…can you help us fix the Ghost Machine in time for the 37th Annual Halloween Party Bash? It’s going to be tomorrow night and we don’t want anyone running away. Can you help with the house too?”
Everyone finished cleaning the house on time for Peter’s parents to see the house as good as new. He apologized for scaring his parents with his ghosts and fixed the Ghost Machine. The next day, Peter helped prepare for the 37th Annual Halloween Party Bash.
The party started. Everyone believed that this was the best Halloween Party Bash ever, but no one knew what was coming. For the finale, Peter presented his Ghost Machine and it did its most amazing stunts. His last act was the act no one on Earth would have missed. Out of the machine, something popped out that was set in every paper and website in the world. A giant ghost appeared out of nowhere. It boomed “BWA-HA-HA-HA!!! I AM FINALLY FREE TO DESTROY THE WORLD!!! NO ONE CAN STOP ME NOW!!! BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!...”. Everyone was zooming around the Reflecting Pool to duck away from the giant ghost. This was a catastrophic disaster.
“Peter, what happened?!” yelled Carl.
“I don't know! We have to turn off the machine!”
Peter dashed to the machine and pressed the Auto-Destruct button. “DUCK!!!” yelled Peter. The machine exploded and the ghost disappeared. Everyone sighed. “Phew. Thank goodness every machine I make has an Auto-Destruct button” said Peter.
Everyone was relieved to hear that.
The next day, Peter sent an apology to the President about the 37th Annual Halloween Party Bash disaster. The apology was accepted. Everyone was happy now.
Who knows what Peter might make next, what mistakes he will make, and what lessons he will learn.

The End!

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