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It's Cloudy Here, How's it There?

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

Dear Merideth,

My mom keeps telling me that when I write to you that I have to be “stable.” She insists that I am being a downer to you if I act negative about your moving. However, you and I ALWAYS agreed to be honest with each other. I am disappointed with this situation, and I feel so light-headed from all the crying I have done. Even, Jeth misses you, I can tell! To tell you the truth, I wish you would have taken me with you; I want so badly to go to Central Park! I predict you are wondering about your Mom’s mysterious boyfriend “Frank”, but stay positive just as you want me to be optimistic about you leaving California. Maybe you will grow closer to Frank than you actually think. I am here if you need me. Okay?

So…enough of that slice of “drama queen,” I am starting to sound like you (just kidding)! Karri and I are going to Pottery Central. I think I will make a present for you, a bowl or something, so you can put cereal in it. Grams wants to go with us! She is coming along in her new wheelchair quite fine. It has buttons you can press to move you can turn right or left, it is amazing! If I go to Pottery Central I am not taking Madeline. As I get older, I realize I need my space. Even, family and nagging little sisters, need to understand that. Mom has even thought of getting a foreign exchange student, which would cause me to share a room with Madeline. I am thinking mom, are you serious? Sadly enough, I am beginning to think I am the only sane one in this family. I know I should be nice to Maddie, considering she is my sister, but she is a pain sometimes.

Speaking of pain, Joey broke his leg. He will be taking a rest from soccer for the time being, which frustrates him. He was practicing non-stop to make varsity soccer this year. High expectations for most sophomores, but he was the only freshman to be on varsity last year…it was definitely possible.

I bet you are wondering, what is the good news? There is good news, the weather is perfect! It is nothing but blue skies. It is sunny here, How’s it there?

I better go, sorry for the life long letter.
Your Friend,
Lilly May

June 12, 2007
Dear Lily,

My life feels like an endless torture chamber! First, moving and now meeting hopeless Frank. I despise Frank, he is so wrong for Mum. I do not know what she sees in him at all! Their relationship seems like one big messy catastrophe. He claims to know New York like the back of his hand, but the truth is Frank is just a bum with no job wandering the streets. Mum always falls for the wrong people. Mum will be supporting Frank her whole life if she does not dump him!
So, in the middle of my meltdown I decided to clear my mind, while Mum was off at her new job as CFO. I went to Central Park, as you so envy to be there and I met a new friend! Her name is Claire Barber, she lives in the same building I do and her dad is some wealthy multi-millionaire. Anyways, she told me that she goes to Julie Divine’s School of Fine Arts, which is where I am heading to in the fall! She is a dancer and we wear the same size pointe shoes. We have a lot in common, like you and Karri! Having a new friend immediately cheered me up form my grumpy mood. We talked for hours, but I forgot to ask her if she is enrolling in the summer dance program at our school.
Wow! Poor Joey! I hope he is okay. Is he still the most gorgeous human being ever? I miss your family so much and your cuddly ball of fur dog, Jeth! I will visit ASAP! I am extremely jealous of you, it is cloudy here! I feel like I can not breathe with all of the pollution! I miss the beach!
Much Love,
Merideth ♥
P.S. Your grandma’s new wheelchair sounds poppin’, WOW! She makes me laugh.

June 16, 2007
Dear Merideth,

Thanks for writing back so quickly! New York sounds fabulous, but I never thought as you being a “city-girl”. However, I know what I am and I am not a morning person.
I had to get up at 9:00 in the morning today to go to swim practice. Once again, I can tell coach favors Gwen, I can not stand it! I get in the pool and beat her on warm-ups and butterfly, breaststroke…you name it! What happens? She is such a kiss-up! It is plain and clear who is better when I am beating her. Yet coach remains biased. Considering, Gwen is her niece. Oh well, volleyball will come in the fall! Also, in the fall you start at your new school! Good luck at Julie Divine! Yikes, are you nervous? Do not be, you are great, dancing is your gift and dream, pursue it!
Amazingly, I have taken up a hobby in pottery. Have you gotten your bowl yet? Karri and I made it! Do you like it? Surprisingly enough, my dad did not make me take Maddie! Grams made a jewelry dish at the pottery place, it is really cute! Of course, Joey could not come, not that he wanted to.
I think your moving is hard on Joey. Honestly, if you had not moved you and Joey would probably be “High School Sweethearts”! Just kidding, but seriously you never really told him how you felt and now being such a long distance makes it harder. Do not worry, it will work out.
Claire seems sweet! I am thrilled that you already made a friend! Write soon and please tell me how great the shops are there!
Sorry about Frank :(

June 22, 2007
Dear Lily May,

I love the bowl you made, it is very me! Today, I got a taste of my new school (besides the tour I took before I moved here.) Pleased to tell you, I can tell I will fit right in. Everyone seems extremely polite and friendly! What “made” my first day for these summer classes was your encouragement. I seriously doubted myself until I read your letter! You always cheer me up!
Great News! I finally convinced Mum to break it off with Frank even if it is only for a while. He has no manners, I swear, haha! Claire stayed over last night and she claimed that Frank was weird, awkward, vulgar and repulsive! Great vocabulary, huh? Well, it cracked me up.
I agree with you I do like Joey and I have the BIGGEST crush on him. I always wanted to tell him how I felt, but it was hard. I loved him! I know you say you can not really love someone until you are married, but you are so wrong my friend!
You seem to be “outgrowing” Maddie, but she is sweet! Stick with your sista, you are lucky to have one!
I have to go.
P.S. idk my bff Jill! Good Times, good times…I just remembered that today!

June 30, 2007
Dear Merideth,

I am sorry for not writing. I just could not tell you what happened. Actually, I do not know how this could have happened. Panicked, I woke up sweaty and confused on Tuesday, it was midnight and I had no idea where Jeth was. I am so used to him sleeping next to me. Immediately, my family and I posted LOST signs everywhere. We waited for hours for a call, a sign, anything. Finally, we got a phone call that turned my world inside out. It seems so unfair, Jeth was found on Intersection 40. The vets said that there was no way possible to save him, but there had to have been, he can not really be gone, right? I was so wrong; I did not want to believe any of it. I wished it all away, that it could possibly be a dream, but it was reality. Painful, dumb reality. I watched them put him to sleep. My throat ached with soreness and I screamed when I knew he was gone, but it did not sound like me. It was as though I was watching a horrific, distant movie. It was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced in my life. Last year, when I was talking to my mom she told me that Jeth would leave us one day, and I knew it would happen, just not this soon. Then, I told my dad that when Jeth did pass away that I would want to say good-bye and see him put to sleep, but it is just plain hurtful. Now, EVERYTHING is wrong! I want him back so badly. I do not care what happens from here on out. I do not give a rip if I am the worst swimmer, or if I get cut from the volleyball team, or if I sprain my ankle. Jeth was my best friend, and nothing/no one can replace him. I miss cuddling with him, I miss telling my deepest darkest secrets, I could only confide in him…I miss everything about him. I can not possibly cry more this month, first your moving, now this. My life is the worst.
Karri tried to cheer me up, but I just do not feel like talking. I lost my two best friends in the same month, and they are irreplaceable. My life feels like one big stormy cloud, promising rain and defeat. This is one battle I can not fight on my own.
P.S. I do not care if this sounds over dramatic because it is how I feel. I know you understand.

July 2, 2007
Dear Lily,

I do not know what to say. I balled for two hours straight after reading your letter. I am unbelievably and undeniably sorry! I could never put into the words the pain and sorrow I feel for you. Please know this though; you never lost your best friends. Jeth is still in your heart and I am always here! Keep your chin up, and remember…to get to the colorful rainbow, you must travel through the relentless rain! I mean this with such sincerity, I love your family and I am praying!
Sending my Love,
Merideth James
July 4, 2007
Dear Merideth,
Thanks. I think I experienced a breakthrough, the rainbow appeared! It is very sunny here, how is it there?


July 12, 2007
Dear Lily,

I am excited! Mum told me the greatest news! She has a business meeting in California on the twentieth! She called your mom and we are going to see each other! Wow, I could kill for the beach right now! Claire is coming, you will get along with her just fine, and she is super perky!

Frank called today, begging Mum to stay with him, but she told him no. Then, moments later Dad called. It was weird to hear his voice, but it was so familiar. He told me that he knows the divorce was hard. I know him and Mum will never be together, but he actually wants to be apart of my life. The most bizarre things are happening in my life, and at first, I thought change was for the worst, but I really think I can benefit from change. It is just a matter of how I deal with it.
See you soon!
California Here I Come 
While Merideth is in California, she talks to Joey.
“Yeah Joey?”
“Joey, what’s up?”
“Uhhh…There is this girl, I think I like her.”
“Puppy Love?”
“No, the real thing.”
“Well…tell her.”
“I am too scared too. I don’t want to sound like some cheesy Romeo. My friends would laugh…a lot”
“You won’t sound fake or cheesy. Beat them up if they laugh”
“Should I tell her?”
“It’s never too late, let your heart speak.”
“I love her.”
“Who is she?”

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