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Heart Break Lift Up

October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

The car door slams shut. He walks over to the passenger side door and opens it up to let her out. He grabs her jacket and slowly places his hand in hers. Shutting the car door, they both walk towards her apartment. You can hear her heart beating from a mile away. His, not so much. Why was her heart racing? That’s what it does when your in love. However, was he?

“Thanks for taking me home”, she said smiling.
He glanced up at the sky, then made his way too look back into her eyes. She begins searching for her key in her purse.

“I kind of need to tell you something”, he says, trembling.
She gives him a look. The kind of look a girl gives to her boyfriend when she is concerned or unaware of what is going to happen next.

“Tonight was wonderful. But, that’s not what I need to tell you. What I am about to tell you is something I thought I’d never say. I don’t have the same feelings for you as I did when we first started dating a year ago”. Still holding her hand he tells her the news. Trembling, he looks into her eyes but she quickly turns away.
Shedding a tear she says nothing and begins searching to find her key again. Shaking, strongly holding her breath prepares herself not to cry.

“What could I even say? All I know is that when you love someone, you just don’t fall out of love with them. You obviously don’t know the definition of love. However, I was stupid to not realize that you felt this way. The past year was amazing, I won’t deny that. However, I will get over this and I will come out stronger than I ever could be. So really, I guess all I can say to you is thanks for giving me the opportunity to explore myself and find a real love”. Finally, she reaches for her apartment door and opens it and walks inside.

“Wait, can we still be friends?”, he screams to make sure she hears him through the tinted glass door.

The door slams shut. He still remains in front of her apartment for a could minutes. She runs up to her floor, opens her bedroom door and makes sure all the lights outside of her apartment are shut off.

The Next Morning

She walked down the stairs, her hands over her eyes wiping away her lost tears, and went straight to the coffee table. A picture lay upright of the boy who had just broken her heart. She sat down on the couch sobbing. On the table she shoves the library books off and picks up “The Writers Book of Wisdom.” She chuckles and pushes the book to the side.

“He obviously didn’t read that book,” she said to herself.
The rose from last nights dinner for two lay on the kitchen floor, dead. She rises from the couch and walks slowly over to the refrigerator. The postcard picture of a beautiful beach hangs from a picture magnet of the two of them.

“Guess I won’t be needing this”, she sobbed.

3 Months Later

Fall has arrived. A season one may love or hate. Leaves fall and acorns become exquisite to squirrels. She arrived home from work a minute ago. No more tears. Silence for a while has been very slim. She sluggishly drags herself up the stairs to her room. It’s a purple room, all colored with fake daises and pictures of her with her best friends; a typical girls room. She grabs her chap stick and lightly smears it on her lips. Walking over to her desk she steps on a spider man key chain.

“Whosever that belongs to is beyond me, ha!”, she laughed to herself.
Sitting down, she picks up her pen and starts to finish writing her poem called, “Life Just Isn’t”. Sighing to herself, she realizes that the past three months have made her the strongest person she could ever be. She grabs the stapler to bind the pages together. The poem is about how life is too short to be anything but happy. After completing it she places it into a keepsake and locks it up.

She sighed, “for the next time my heart breaks”.
She glances over at the photograph of her new love that is a firefighter and looks at the fire station patch that lay next to it.

She smiled and said, “I highly doubt my heart will ever break again”.

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