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The Captain 4

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

It was Brock, Olivia, and I (Captain Colby)When we saw the boat floating by
we were all yelling and screaming to try to get the boat driver attention. Then they turned the boat towards us it was Captain Jacks ship, but we had no clue. Some of Captain Jacks crew jumped into the water and started swimming at us.
"Run!" I screamed
"Help Me Colby" Olivia yelled.
they captured my sister ,me, and Brock that’s all i remember when we woke up one of us was not in the best condition that you could be in. Well I had cuts and bruises all over my body I felt like I was about to die. We were all tied together.
"Brock are you awake?" Olivia questioned
his eyes were open but he wasn’t speaking. So I pull a knife out of my boot and cut the rope that was around us, then I tapped Brock.
"Hello are you alive?"
I he was dead now and their was nothing we could.
"Brock is dead?" Olivia gasped
"lets gets out of here before something horrible happens." I whispered.
So we just ran while we were looking for Captain Jack to kill him, he is the worst man ever, he killed his own son
"Colby does Brock have a family?"
"Olivia this is hard to say but Captain Jack is Brock's father."
"Captain Jack would beat him and he would try to kill him but Brock would get away"
"wow that is very sad." I feel so bad for Brock." Well we started to sneak our way off the boat until we saw something, it was some kind of animal it was a monkey, it started going crazy so we ran
"Olivia hide." I whispered. So we ran and hide behind a barrel.
"Olivia are you alright?"
"yeah I’m ok." we started to run away but Captain Jack found us.
"we are screwed."
Captain Jack said "I got you now."
"this isn't good Olivia." whispered.
Captain Jack pointed his gun at my head and I was killed on July 7th 1945.after I was killed Olivia grabbed a sword from the ground and threw it at Captain Jacks head and he died. Well Olivia got back to her house and point to gun at her head, because she had no one to get her through life and when she pulled the trigger nothing happen.

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