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Evening Stroll

November 2, 2007
By Anonymous

I decided to go for an evening stroll; I walked downtown which was about three miles, and all I know is I never made it back home.
“Mr. Mickhim please tell the court what you remember from the day of October 27th,” One of the attorneys for me said.
“Sir, I honestly have no idea as to whom Mr. Mickhim is. I’ve told you this at least ten times within the past thirty minutes sir. If you are asking me then I do not remember, for I was in the hospital.”
“Well then please tell us about yourself being in the hospital. When did you go in? For what did you go in?”
“I went in on October 26th for a leg operation.”
“I see, and what happened to your leg?”
“I had--”

The chair fell over and I woke up they say five minutes later and I sit back up.

“What the f*** is going on?” I asked so confused.

“You’re in court.”
“For what?”
“For what happened on October 27th.”

“Really? Alright, I went for a walk and ended up downtown, then I started back home, but I know that I never made it.”

“Your name is Mr. Mickhim, correct?”

“Yes, it has been since I was born.”

“Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

“You just told me. I’m on trial, testifying for whatever happened to me on the 27th of October.”

“Mr. Mickhim, are you honestly trying to tell me that you have no idea where you are or what is going on?”

“Well obviously, Mr. Judge person, Sir. I obviously don’t have any idea what happened so this is totally pointless.”

“Yes, I have realized that little fact when you fell off your chair. This case is excused until Mr. Mickhim receives psychological evaluation. I heard two different guys testifying as Mr. Mickhim. The first Mickhim said he was not Mr. Mickhim, then once he fell off his chair the REAL Mr. Mickhim showed up and was utterly confused. CASE DISSMISSED.” The judge said then hit his gable on the desk in front of him and left the room.

After the judge left we were all released from the courtroom, I was escorted out to the main lobby where was ordered to contact the court if I was to remember anything about that night where I never returned home. I nodded my head and said that I definitely would let them know if I was to remember anything at all.

I walked outside and filled my lungs with the smell of after rain then headed to my car, but something ended up catching my eye. It was a guy walking into the courthouse who looked just like me. I locked my car and headed back into the courthouse trying to figure out where he went.

I see him from a distance checking in at the desk. Who is he? I try to follow but I haven’t a pass to go in. I walk back to the desk and tell them my name is Mr. Mickhim. She looks at me puzzled and searches through her papers.

“Mr. Mickhim, Sir you just checked in. What happened to your pass?”

“I lost it when I was in the bathroom my I be issued a new one?”

“Well I guess you must due to the fact that your case will be starting in approximately ten minutes and you have gotten to be sworn in?”

“Okay. Thank you so much madam.” I said taking my pass and walking away.

I walked pass the guards and into the room they told me to go to. The guy was already in there getting sworn in. Once he turned around I got a good look at him and it looks like he got a good look at me.

He was wearing a pair of black dress pants with a light blue shirt and a black sweater vest, I look down and I’m wearing the same exact thing. He has bleach blonde hair with blue eyes and a scar upon his left cheek.

“This is creepy.” I whisper to myself as I get up and approach him.

We met in the middle of the room and everyone there stopped talking and stared at us.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“I am Matthew Mickhim, and to whom are you?”

“That can’t be because I am Matthew Mickhim.”

“Your parents are who precisely?”

“Scott and Laura Mickhim.”

“As are mine before they abandoned me once you were born. I have been after you forever. I have been your attacker.”

The door slammed open and we all look to see whom it is. Our jaws drop the guy sits down and we look to the front of the courthouse. There are two more people just like us and they obviously cannot see us. Everything we just did replays in front of our eyes.

I run out of the courthouse and jump into my car and race home. Once home I run to my bedroom to see a guy like me there putting on a pair of shoes. The calendar reads October 27th and this guy walks through me and I follow. He is doing everything I did that night.

He never made it home for the other Matthew Mickhim has killed him. The story just replays from there.

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