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Pirates Cove

November 5, 2007
By Anonymous

A storm was washing up on the sandy shores of the little town of Princeton. The wind was gustily moving fast through the humid air. The soldiers who stood formally on the roof of Fort Winhurst had a discouraged look on their faces. They knew that this was the legendary storm they had feared ever since they joined the guard. It had come and they were scared.

Now the Governor had planned the promotion ceremony for his son to be on the violently windy day. Little did he know that this day wouldn’t only change him into an adult, it would change his life forever. The son had always lived the life that a Governor’s son would but there was some part of him that felt wrong. He felt the lifestyle he was living was not the one he was meant for. He always had an empty feeling like he didn’t belong.

Being too distracted by the ceremony, the Governor failed to notice the legendary storm. The storm came only once every twenty years and took place because the ship had responded to the calling. Every 20 years when a blood related pirate comes of age the ship arises from the murky depths of Pirate’s Cove to gather the new crew member. It is the most feared vessel to set sea and could make even the toughest of sailors cower in its presence. The ship was known as The Reaper.

The wind began to pick up and the soldiers began to worry even more. The Governor still hadn’t taken notice to the ghastly storm which had come upon them. The ceremony would start in 20 minutes time and the Governor was still preparing. He was so proud and he didn’t want anything to go wrong. The ceremony was ready and the students were lined up in their usual fashion.

Graduation music began to play as the students casually walked down the beautifully decorated aisle. As the headmaster read aloud the names of the senior students. The headmaster was violently interrupted by one of the fort’s guards who ran up breaking a sweat with each stride. He looked exhausted and his voice spoke gasping for breath.
“Governor, the ship, the legendary ship, we spotted it on the foggy horizon,” said the horrified guard. His face gave off an expression of worry and his lack of posture hinted that his energy had been drained. All of the students froze quietly in their line. The Governor sat there speechless as the guard regained his strength.

“Governor, what should we do? We are hopeless against The Reaper and her crew,” exclaimed the guard worriedly.

“I can’t believe I didn’t notice the storm blowing in, everyone needs to hide in their homes. Take my son to the underground safe house. They won’t find him there,” whispered the Governor to the guard.

“Dad, what’s going on? Why are we stopping the ceremony?” questioned the Governor’s son.

“Just follow the guards Charles and don’t ask any questions,” ordered the Governor to his son.

Then they heard the boom of the cannon striking the fort. That was when the crowd broke out like a chandelier hitting the tile floor and blasting into a million pieces. The Governor lost sight of his son as all of the people dispersed and scrambled to their homes. He was worried but knew this day was coming. The royal guards grabbed the Governor and they ran to hide.

End of chapter one………

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