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Trouble in the School Yard

November 7, 2007
By Anonymous

Sally Pumpernickel loved going to work with her mommy. Her mommy is a teacher at the local high school, she teaches high school literature. One to two times a month her mommy lets her come to help her classes, Sally loved this. With her new light up sketchers Sally ran up to the building. Everything was fine till Sally noticed her Velcro on her light up sketcher was coming undone. Sally bent over and put her shoe together but when she got up something frightened her. She saw big double doors and her mother no where in sight. For a 4 year old girl high school was a scary place. Sally moved her way closer and closer to the door when it automatically opened. She enters she looks to her right and sees a hall way so long she thought she would get lost, to her left she sees stairs going down. She didn’t know what to do. Mrs. Pumpernickel was running late so she dashed to her first hour class to begin teaching, but when she reached her classroom she noticed that Sally wasn’t in sight. She told her class to not act up while she went to look. Sally, who is stuck by herself in the hallway decides to take the stairs, she goes down to see two big blue doors propped open. Sally walked in and said “mommy??” It echoed so much she was getting lost in her words frightened of the dark and the huge empty room Sally ran out and up the stairs back to where she began alone in the hall. Sally had no choice but to concur the longest hallway she’s ever seen. So she’s off in a dead sprint her shoes lit her path like lightning in the hall. While Mrs. Pumpernickel had to end her search to teach her class so she sent someone to look for Sally. Sally got to the end of the hall when she entered a room to see tons and tons of tall people. They looked like giants to her, she was frightened. She walks slowly by each giant who seem to look down on her as she passes. They all keep giving her the “same you’re a cute kid” look but this doesn’t help her. These giants are moving they are eating food like they have never seen it before Sally is grossed out. A bell rings and all the giants rush out she has no choice but to go with the crowd. She hears someone yelling. “Sally!!!” but she can’t find who it is in the sea of giant high school students. Finally the crowd pushed her to a side where she saw a tall door; she decided to enter the door. She’s been here before but she doesn’t know why it looks so familiar. She looks up to see her mom teaching her class. She runs up to her and yelled “MOMMY I FOUND YOU.” Her mother responded with “Sally Josephine Pumpernickel don’t you ever leave me ever again I was worried sick!” The class started to clap as Mrs. Pumpernickel held Sally. Everything was well and Sally was never to be scared of High School again.

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