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Hide and Scream a.k.a. Random Write up

November 9, 2007
By Anonymous

Sweet Jesus what have I done? What have I done? I’ll tell you what I’ve done. I’ve agreed to let four possessed children into an already hostile working environment and left my coworkers and boss to fend for themselves. That is what I’ve done. So far Krista and Frank have managed to eat half the refrigerator contents, annoy the customers/amuse the tolerant ones, almost fry their hands on the stove and almost start a free for all with the cleaning supplies. Otto continues to be on my good list; he’s faithfully keeping Elijah and Ian off my back at the moment with a traveling show of cute jokes as they try in vain to escape him. I know for a fact that he drove Elijah into the den about thirty minutes ago, and remains glued to Ian. That kid is definitely getting a cookie.
I’m storming off to find Krista and her twin when Dominic’s voice calls out to me from behind, his voice muffled thickly. I double back quickly, imagining him in Ian’s arms being strangled as Ian smiles, creepy thin man style, and says “ ha you little cretin, I caught ya whatcha gonna do now?”
“Dom?” I round a corner slowly. “Dom, buddy where are you?”
“I’m in here…” comes the muffled cry of the four year old. His voice is getting panicky. Cherry wood colored walls pass beside me as I trail along them to try and find my lost piece of cargo when the doorknob passed seconds ago jiggles slightly. Of course.
I grab the door starting to feel relief and find that its locked. I turn it over again and again, no dice. Crap.
“AnnnAAAAA….” He starts to cry out from behind the door, his voice hinting oncoming hysteria if he doesn’t see the light of day again. I jiggle the knob once more and quit, its no use. He locked himself in there pretty tight.
“Hold on Dom, ok?” I chime through the door, “ I’ll be right back, I’m going to go find the key and get you outta here ok?”
He bangs the door with his fists quietly wailing, like a wounded animal his voice falls and rises. “AAANnnnnnAAAA NooooOOOOOooooDoon’t leave MEEEEEEE!!!!”
“Dom, shhh, Dom, listen-..”
“Dom, please it’ll just take a mi-.”
“ANnnnnnnAAoooNooOOOOOO….Don’t LEAVE ME! I’m SCARED!” He’s crying now. I sigh and hear two giggles somewhere off in the distance. I wonder if Krista is off trying to steal Elliott’s coffee now...
“Listen Dom, Dominic buddy…” I coo as he starts to cry on the other side of the wood. My heart goes out to him. “Remember that game we used to play? Hide and go seek? Remember when we used to play it in the dark?”
He sniffles behind the wood in a whimper. “Yeah.”
“Well this is just like that, just like the game.”
“but I’m stuck in here and I’m not coming to find you….” He whines. “We always play with me as the seeker and you the hiderer…”
“Exactly big guy,” I sigh, relieved he’s calmed and momentarily distracted as I try to plan my next move in mission gather- the -little –squirts- and –stuff- them- somewhere- big- with- a- little -bit –of- chocolate. “I’m going to be the seeker and you’re going to hide this time buddy…”
He sighs, clearly thinking about how he’s going to hide again if he’s stuck. I hear him shift behind the door and sigh again.
“Okay…..” his voice catches with an air of excitement. “But-! But you have to be pretending you never founded me, u have to forget I’m in here!!!”
I start wobbling around aimlessly, getting the ball rolling. I gasp.
“Oh no where is everybody? I can’t find anyone! Otto? Dom? Frank?”
I hear wild giggling behind the door. “No Anna! You have to go COUNT!”
“Right….okay then….counting…One….two, three….” I trail off hesitantly walking away from the broom closet. I hear nothing and turn beginning to rush at the small space of my time frame; about five to ten minutes, max. Hurry Annabelle. Hurry.

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