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May 24, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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A deep mist clings to earth a gray swirling fog en-lined with fear and doubt. Three voices echo out into the darkness as a terrible beauty. Singing a song of little sense yet of great meaning. Holding black roses they arise and slowly glide over to me. Each is dressed in a dress of elaborate black smoke. Swirling and licking the gray fog. Fear eats at me sickening sounds pierce me chilling my bones. The women's hair hangs down in smooth ebony lashes and gently rests partly upon their shoulders, but also runs down far to their waists. Each girl's eyes held a different power. The first crystal blue and shining as if the sky were flooding into the very ocean itself. The second a stormy grey reflecting the nature of a dire storm, deadly but still utterly beautiful. The last had eyes of many colors. They seemed to shift to the darkest hues of any color. Weather it be green, red or even hot pink, they reflected the dark in everything. Showing the black of all colors. Then each opened their mouths and started up a new song. It was a tune filled with deep fear, and terror, but it never let go of hope. The song held great anguish and despair yet it held on to hope as if it could not be broken. Then each looked at me straight in the eyes. The first showed me of beauty in the wild untamed, but it showed of its power animals of great strength, beasts crawling through darkness. The second of the double sided nature she herself held. Her eyes revealed tome the terror of a true storm in all it's might. The weight of the sky thrust upon ones shoulders. The third gave me nothing yet, but opened mouth in new song. This was filled with compassion trust and a build up of raw power. Encouragement sept into my veins and I became strong. The mist began to falter and the three sisters wailed and wailed. I saw each dress slowly mix with fog as it grew more dense with one last wail the mist became so thick I could see almost nothing at all, but the deep eyes of the third sister. With that they left me. The lessons they taught to me would last forever. All beauty can be wild, but this uncontrollable nature may just very well be the beauty itself. We humans always take standpoints on the simpler concepts, however what I learned was that beauty can contradict itself. This is real what beauty is, however, for the raw fact of being free and outside reach. What beauty is seems to be the gift of endless choice. A room with no walls. The fact of an infinite world. The simple concept of

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