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Sam's Apocalypse

July 31, 2011
By ZydecoVivo PLATINUM, Concord, North Carolina
ZydecoVivo PLATINUM, Concord, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"I reject your reallity and substitute my own"- Adam Savage
"Words have no power to impress without the exquisite horror of their reality."-Edgar Allen Poe
"It's not that the questions were too hard, it's that they were too easy."-Ayn Rand

“Where do I start? So much to explain. I guess I’ll start at the beginning. I’ll tell you just as Sam told me in the hospital. Then maybe, you’ll be able to get me out of here.”
“It’s dark. Impossibly dark. There is nothing, no family, no friends, just nothingness. Just me and Darkness in this oblivion. My voice is broken. I can’t even form the words for help. I can feel the Darkness ripping me apart. Sanity from my mind. Skin from bone. Enclosing me in its deadly grip.

“No!” I awake in a panic. My heart pounds. I can’t breathe. “Just a dream. Only a dream.” I repeat over and over until I calm down. “It’s funny what dreams can do to us isn’t it?” This is ridiculous! I’m a grown man! I shouldn’t be having these foolish fears! None the less, I get ready to leave my measly apartment and see Dr. A

“Hello Sam.” For the 3 years that I have known him, nothing has changed about the doctor’s office. The brown leather recliner and mahogany desk are the only constants in my life now.

“Hello Doctor.”

“Listen Sam, I’ve been your psychologist for three years now and there is nothing wrong with you except for the obsession with this dream. I can’t help you overcome an irrational fear like this. Goodbye.” “Now listen close, this is the good part.”

Driving home I ponder the doctor’s words. How can I beat this on my own? All of a sudden, I see a giant black mass in the sky. It gets bigger and bigger until the sky is as dark as night. “Not again!” I yell. Fearing the completion of my dream, I drive into the nearest building, a post office, causing the injuries that will help me escape Darkness.”

“Shut up Sam! Nobody wants to hear about your suicide attempt.”All of the guards laugh at me.

“How many times do I have to tell you?! I am Nick! Sam is dead!”

“Yeah right. Talking like that got you sent you here loony.” They laugh again. I ignore them and begin to retell my story to the crumbly white ceiling in my cell.

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