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The Modern Snow White

October 16, 2011
By Imperfectlife SILVER, Rochester, New York
Imperfectlife SILVER, Rochester, New York
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Once upon a time – blah, blah blah okay we get the idea and that’s not really necessary because we can simply go to the modern version now. Okay, let me start all over again, I am Snow White with an angry Stepmother. Yup, a crazy person who wants to be all beautiful and stylish, but she’s really just all vile and appalling. This is 2010, and I am the descendant of Snow White. She was my great great great… grandmother, who was the actual, real Snow White. I, Snow White (the name has been given to all firstborn ever since Snow White married her prince) was the firstborn. I would describe myself by wearing leggings and a long orange cute shirt. I’m white as snow and I have blood red cheeks. I also have really black hair, the very long curly kind.

I was here with my angry Stepmother, who was looking at the mirror and whispering to it. I thought that was really crazy .Suddenly, Stepmother looked at me in very angry glance like a …a scary Snow White’s stepmother. “Oh Snow White?” said Stepmother. I replied back to her “Yeah?” “Can you be a dear for me, and clean the house and wear those dirty clothes?” Stepmother said with no love in her voice. I answered back “Sure, stepmom.” I sighed, those chores, I hated it for sure. Stepmother left and slammed the door loud. I knew why she was so angry. One time I heard the mirror talking, let me tell my scary experience was.

I woke up in the midnight, I heard something like… a voice. So I got up and walk around so I could get closer to the voice. “There is a prettier girl out there; you are lesss pretty than her, she has this ssskin white as sssnow, red as blood and very black hair. She answers the name of Sssnow White.” Said very strange object that looks like a big mirror. Stepmother gasped and was breathing very short “That Snow White, my stepdaughter, no wonder I was so envious!” said angrily Stepmother. The strange object said “You must not bee jealousss or you will sssuffer forever and Snow Whit-.” Thing stopped so fast, because Stepmother said “I don’t want to hear it!” Then she calmed down and said nervously “If Snow White can stop me being the most beautiful in the whole world then I must poison her by using the magic to end her forever and I shall be the most beautiful!” She laughed like an evil murderer “Well mirror thank you for making my job easier.” For me, I was so scared by this, I turned and ran to my room and fell asleep quickly.

So this today was the day I going to leave after I do all the chores and … “Ah-uh!” out loud happily, I could check out the mirror and see what is going to happen to me! I cleaned so much but sang so amazingly, that Rapunzuel couldn’t done better. “La, la, la, time to clean, gets cleaning and goes wild! Clean the dust!” I sang until I found a mysterious box in Stepmother’s drawer! I checked the list to see if I could find a chore that requires to clean Stepmother’s drawer, there was one and it said you can clean my drawer but no cleaning or peeking in my confidential box, if you do I will punish you! I groaned and sighed “I can’t look what in there, but since she’s not here so I will look inside!”(Kids, do not do this at home and don’t look into somebody’s private things!) I opened the box and gasped, it was a box full of old stuffs, “Oh, just plain old things, but why she would hide things like that?” I made my mind to investigate it. “Oh!” I gasped, “What a pretty woman, but she have those scary eyes like Stepmother’s… hmm.” I took the picture into her hush-hush pocket of her legging. I giggled anxiously, and kept going through Stepmother’s top secret box. I took a breath, and whisper “Is that m-me?” and indeed so, was that picture of my great millions grandmother as a young girl sketched flawless, precise and colorful picture of her.

I took a deep breath and try to put my tight shoulders at ease and finish the search. I found an ancient note passed in generations to Stepmother from Snow White’s evil stepmother in 1660s before she became Snow White’s Stepmother. Dear, my daughter Anya, it said my dearest daughter, ever since I had been divorced from my husband, I had been missing you. I know that your dad had been keeping you well, but there are things I want you to do after you become an adult: you are to find the most beautiful and take life of that person so you could be the most beautiful person in the world. If not, we’ll be always second most beautiful. I made sure the magic of mine will keep all our generations beautiful and are girls. Until you find the person, please keep searching. When you find the person, there are things to destroy her. One, find a poison that can take her life, if not so then use a strong chemical to overwhelm her with dangerous things. When that is finished, you can finally relax but make a lie to her whoever guardians. Sincerely Gina Smith. I was so shocked by this note; I knew I needed to leave but where? So I finished cleaning the house and packed for my journey. I walked out of the city and I suddenly became worried, because when I suspect a stalker behind me and surely I was right. There were a stalker behind me and I was nearly frightened to death. What happened was that he pulled a hazardous weapon and nearly hurt me, but he didn’t because he felt sorry for me stuck with a cruel Stepmother. “I’ll make a deal, I will leave you alone if you stay away from your home.” “Okay” I replied. So he left me alone. I ran into the forest and got so scared by the spooky, creepy and terrifying forest “Ahhhhhhhhh!” I walked for long time and sang out some songs I came to a little houses each house had it own touch. I decided to go into that pink house, everything was pink! I looked around it, was all clean and beautiful! I decided to cook a good dinner and set up the table “bubble, bubble.” The cooking pot cooked. The door opened and there were a young girl dwarf surprised to see me since it was her house. She said “Who you are and- Oooo! That smells good!” I grinned and respond to her welcome, you could eat this!” “Really!” she exclaimed. She apologizes “I’m sorry for screaming at you, I thought you would be a thief.”I said it was all right.

“My name is Morenta a dwarf, who lives here the house.”Morenta the dwarf said and I answered “I thought dwarfs was extinct!” I exclaimed. “Oh no honey, we’re not extinct, only very much surviving people, since our people helped Snow White we have married and our family grew a lot, why it been two century!” Morenta shouted. I answered “Really then, my great millions grandmother is Snow White!” a silence fell, Morenta spoke softly “You’re the Snow White’s grandkid?” she asked and I responded “…Yes.”. I said suspiciously then I said “What is wrong, Morenta, w-what going on?”I questioned her. Then she said very low “Then the prophecy is true, the prophecy says, whoever comes here with
a skin white as snow, red as blood cheeks, very black hair and says the name Snow White. You are Snow White.”Morenta said. I said “Uh-huh, yeah, I’m Snow White, so you know the story and whose other dwarf?” I expected her to say something. Instead she pulled me away and brought me to a castle. “You see the castle?” She asked, I nodded “That place is your grandmother’s home.”

I gasped “What, is this place was my…!” I yelled. She nodded and said “I know the story and why you are here, plus the other dwarfs are my brothers and I’m only one who is a girl dwarf.”Morenta sighed. I just said “Oh.” the castle was beautiful and is gray with very cool antique pattern. I felt something behind me. Immediately. I turned rapidly, I saw my Stepmother. There was her, I couldn’t believe it was her standing in front of me. She stared at very furiously. I ran so fast and Stepmother threw something. Poison. I turned to see what happened but the poison got in my mouth and I felt pain burning into my throat and stomach. I fainted.

I woke up, I was in a house and I look around, and saw the dwarfs. I said “ Hey guys, what happened?” the dwarfs turned quickly, stunned. They shouted “Snow White is awake!” out loud gleefully. I got out of the bed and looked around then said “Guys, I’m alive all right AND what just happened?”. Morenta was the first to say something “Oh, honey you fainted, we were dreadfully frighten by this happening and Stepmother got away.” She said sadly. I screamed “WHAT! You let her away, I got to defeat her or we’re doomed!” I said angrily and loud. I gotten up and dressed up and was very angry about Stepmother. Actually growling, I sat down thinking about what to do anyway, okay first of all how do I defeat Stepmother and save my friends and me?
I thought about it for long time until I got extremely hungry and Morenta came in with very mouth-watering snicker doodle cookies with most sugary-cinnamon ever. I asked her “How you could end her life?”I said. Morenta took a breath “You don’t have to end her life, what if you gave her a deep sleep potion and get the police to arrest her?” Morenta said. I cry out, “That a great idea! We could put the potion into your cookies and pretend its award for her. The Evilest, of course!” I squealed. So we did that on the next day and dropped a huge gift on the steps of the castle (I assumed she, escaped to the castle, anyway) and knocked on her door. The door opened and here was Stepmother (I hid behind a bush) she picked a cookie and said “Nice try Snow White, this cookies aren’t going to work on me.” Then she quieted down and was looking sad, “I wish I hadn’t have to harm Snow White, since she’s only one whose is best daughter.” I was in disbelief, and by this moment, I jumped out to Stepmother, which alarmed her. I said “You meant that?” Stepmother looked surprised and heisted to say something then said something “I do really meant that and there were a curse on my descendant Gina Smith the Stepmother of Snow White. She used to be nice until a person hurt her feeling so bad, she couldn’t bear it. That was when she turned mean as nasty as rabid dog. Only way to undo the curse is if you say that you love me as a mother.”Me? No way but her eyes was begging me. I thought about it and decided. “Stepmother you are my best friend.” Stepmother started to glow and transformed into beautifier woman I have ever seen. She grinned at me kindly like a mother would do. I ran and hugged her.

The end

The author's comments:
Um, this was a school assignment, about fractured fairy tales, my teacher had my class to write a fractured fairy tales, from old stories of the real fairy tales into our newer version of our writing. So... It was fun!

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