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Scavenger Hunt

October 18, 2011
By tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
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"the beggar can be the king as the king is the beggar"

An Angry Exchange-
“ What did you say,” said Amber Gosto
“ Nothing, just that you’re a very bad sister along with being a bad actress,” said Cathy Gosto . As she snapped at Amber.
“ what!!!! I know I’ve been a bad sister, all I need to do is look at you to figure that out. But no one I mean no one makes fun of my profession,” Amber growled back.
“ well, well. If it isn’t the high and mighty talk of Miss Amber who for some reason even can’t show up for work on time, for her rehearsals ” Cathy said as she raised her hand up in exasperation.
“ Hey that’s not my fault, it’s the directors fault. Who for some reason decided that we should start the rehearsals at 8 pm!!!!!! And watch it your talking to your older sister.” Amber shouted back.
“ Excuse me that director your talking about is moa. And…
“ Exactly what I mean,” Amber said between Cathy’s sentences. Which made her growl.
“Well what do you suggest ONE-CHAN!!!!,(big sister) THAT I MAKE OTHER PEOPLE STARTR WORK LATE AND GET LESS WORK DONE JUST BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Cathy shouted at the top of her lungs. Which made Amber put her hand on her ears.

An Out Of Place Object-
What is that a space ship? Or maybe it’s a airplane? No, it’s to little for those things. Maybe it’s a jet? Naha, it’s too fat. Maybe a big huge balloon? Maybe a shuttle with a astronaut from space or maybe a new alien came to ask help of the super elite? No, it’s more likely a Vilene trying to destruct the earth. Maybe he has a personal grudge against us. Maybe a human killed his father or maybe took his parking. Oh could it be he’s here to stop the people on earth from finding any outside aliens? Naha, it’s just a cloud with special magical affects.

A Well Love Object-
Oh, where is it? Is it lost? No, it cant be, or could it? No, I put it here next to my notebook last night. Maybe cuddly found it? Oh, no if he found it, it’s probably laying some were in the mud. No that’s wrong too ’cause Dama-Sama, said he when he came home he saw kurl and cuddly fighting so he put him locked him in the kitchen. And Kurl couldn’t have taken it because he despises stuffed animals. Where is it? I have to find it? Where is it? I have to find it? Could there be a possibility that I would never find it again? Sigh. Hey I guess I should go get my bag from the bed room oh I also forgot to roll up the mattresses. Hugh, what’s that under my pillow?

Something Well-used-
Hum, maybe I should get rid of it. No I shouldn’t its going to cost me more then I could spare in a time like this to buy a new one. Yea, but I’ve had it for like forever. Yea, but maybe I could sell it for half the price and with that money and what’s left after my medicine and other needs and the house lese I could buy a new one? Yea right did you forget about the advance payment you took from your boss for the loan you had to pay, look like I wont be getting new anything for a while.

Something Unpleasant-
It smells. It looks soo disgusting. I wonder how people can bear to look at it. I wonder what’s the purpose of it. It’s ugly it gives everyone that I talked to shivers then why is ti there? Should I talk to the security guard? Will he believe me? Will it be still there? Could it be a corny teenagers prank? Oh, why am I fussing over it but….. oh my god!!! It’s moving!!!!!!!!!!

Something fresh, new ,Or unused-
Well what could it be? It looks soo cute from the outside, could it be a silver ring? Or could it be like the house key on a chain like last time. No maybe it’s a little glass sculptures. No that can’t be moneys been to tight for him to even spend one Ryo ,Chinese money, freely. So it’s probably home made. Could it be a wood sculpture? Or is it a tiny race car he found in a chips packet? Or maybe it’s that huge ring that he said he was going to give to One-Sama, big brother? Well, that can’t be can it if he was going to give it to One-Sama then why give it to me? Oh, yea I’m opening it. Hugh, it’s a…a……of …….. His …..DOOOOOGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lost or forgotten object-
Hum, I wonder what it is. It’s dusty and it looks old. But what could it be? Grandma’s last word’s or is it her grandmas last word that were carried from her grandmas last words which are a copy of her grandmas last word? Or maybe it’s a letter that tell me about my secret powers? It’s not to fancy either so it’s not much for money. So utho-sama, father, wont want it and that means I can have it. Hugh, it’s for me. It was in the will? Really? Hum I wonder if its really is some deep deep deep secret that was suppose to be passed down to me so I can pass it on to my grandchild who can pass it to his grandchild who could pass it to the new generation and so on? What it’s only a few years old? Hey what’s that box with it? Oh my first paint set and papers!!!!!!!!!!!!

A home -made or hand-made object-
Hugh, a present for me. Well don’t tell me it’s an acorn again? It’s not. Well then it’
S probably a empty box like the last present you gave m. what it was suppose to represent time. Well how am I suppose to know it was suppose ton represent time? What there was a note with it. Well I guess I forgot to read It in my anger and tossed it outside of my balcony. Yea well you could give me a new empty box and I’ll happily accept it this time. What, you got it from Korea when you went there for vacation. Oh right ,right I’m opening it. What its……………….A CREPPY LOOKING …ugh what is it? Oh yea its… it’s a…a…..really goood looking sling shot?????????????

The author's comments:
this something i usually do when i have nothing else to do. it's just a hobby.

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