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Forever, He Said "Im With You"

February 9, 2012
By SuNshiNe007 ELITE, Magee Ms., Mississippi
SuNshiNe007 ELITE, Magee Ms., Mississippi
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Never Give Up, And Know That God Will Always Love You!

This girl is always looking for hope. She looks for peace and for someone who will treat her right. Her whole life she's suffered and bled from all the pain that tears through her very being; her heart and soul. She looks up to the skies and closes her eyes, making a wish. "Dear God, if you are listening to me please send me someone who will love me."

She didn't hear anything for a couple days, so she almost gave up. One day though she went for a walk. As she walked in the midnight air she heard a rustling of leaves and someone calling her name "Lauren!" "Lauren!" "I'm here, I'm here for you!" It startled her at first, she started looking around frantically and yelled out "Where are you?" The voice said look deep down inside.

At first she was confused, then she stopped under an old oak tree and slid down the trunk of it. Then she closed her eyes and looked deep down like the voice said. A memory flashed in her mind of her asking "Dear God, if you are listening to me please send me someone who will love me." With that she lets out a gasp of air, she realizes now that wasn't any voice yelling her name but God himself--a tear rolls down her face.

Her eyes flutter open and a bright light blinds her. She feels a warmth covering her she has never felt before. She thinks its just a dream, shes afraid though to close her eyes again for fear it will all go away. But instead she puts those thoughts away. She squints into the light and the voice starts talking again but she still cant see anyone.

--The voice says--
"Lauren, you wished upon a star, it was a prayer of sorts. Ive been watching you everyday you have never been alone; my love never fades." She says "How come I can hear you now? And why cant I see you? I know who you are." God says "You hear me now because that prayer you said upon a star my child, you have never asked me anything till now. And you cannot see me because I am in your heart, you will see me one day though when I return to take my people home to my mighty kingdom." Then he says "Lauren, never forget "forever I will love you no matter what!"

As that is said the light fades and she sees the leaves and trees again. Lauren now is so happy she runs home and tells everything what happened. And even if no one believes her story--She knows without a doubt what she experienced was real. That Sunday, she was saved at church and God told her "I am proud of you, now your new journey begins!" All she can do by now is smile and cry at the same time.
--A year Passes--
Since she has been saved, she has done great things through God. Her life changed drastically and she changed others. One day she got really sick though and she had a feeling. The doctor cant find anything wrong, so they put her into the hospital. Her thoughts wounder to think of what heaven is like; she knows its wonderful.

Her mother holds her hand, says "Everything's going to be alright." A cool breeze goes through the room then and she sees a bright light--so much brighter than before. A tear rolls down her cheek, she tells her mom, "Its time for me to go home, remember always I love you mom." No one was expecting that. Her mom screams "Please don't go! Please!" Lauren reaches out towards the light, only she can see it ands thinks in her head "I'm going home!"

Her mom cried for months and months after that. Remembering her seventeen year old daughter's words. She kept seeing that smile on her face and a tear rolling down her sweet face after she died. She kept hearing the heart monitor make that awful noise to let her know her baby is gone. The hand she held fell limp in hers.

One day her mom finally went back into Laurens room. She tried not to cry but failed. Her mom started looking through her stuff though, and as she does she finds a letter Lauren had wrote a day before she died. She has no clue how it ended up home. It read--

"Dear to anyone who reads this, I know I am sick but don't be worried. Everyone will remember the miracles I gave them after I was saved a year ago. They will always remember my name as "Lauren." when I got sick and no body knew what was wrong, I knew I was going home. A voice said "You have completed your task, time to come home." Mom, if you find this I just want you to know I am happy now. Its so amazing here in heaven, and one day I will see you again. Remember mom Forever "I will love you!" So please don't cry anymore, I am always with you."


Her mother named Cassie just stared when she had no more to read. Never has she heard of anyone knowing that they was fixing to leave this cold, dreadful void world. Cassie finally gets control of herself and closes her eyes and says "Lauren, if you can hear me; for you I promise I shall not cry another tear and one day I will see you again."

Cassie now remembers what happened to Lauren and she wouldn't believe her. Lauren had said God spoke to me and said "Forever Lauren I am with you." And now her mom believes her daughter. Because now Cassie knows her daughter will never cry another tear, but will always live in peace the rest of eternity with her savior. And that's when a peace fills Cassie and she lives o tell the story of the letter she found. And a letter that once again changed Cassie's life; forever.

The author's comments:
"I was sitting in class one day and this story just started forming in my head. As you see I wrote it down, I didn't know what it was really going to be about till I got done writing it. Its just something I hope anyone who reads will like."

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