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The Wrong Choice

March 26, 2012
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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He was a bad boy. He knew that. He loved that. Being good was way too much work and he was just too lazy for that, but she was good. She was a goody two shoes. She hated him and he felt the same toward her. When his mother coyly suggested they hang out he shot it down very quickly. He wouldn’t dare be seen with her. His reputation would be ruined and he could not afford that. He would much rather be seen with Margaret. Now that would boost his reputation. But his mother would most likely hate her. His mother hated all his girlfriends and he hated all the girls she pointed out that she did like. It was an everyday battle. She really hated the girl he was dating now but she had keyed her car. He had tried to explain to his mother that it had been a mistake but she wasn’t buying it. Who cares? His mother would just have to deal with it.

She had heard from his mother that he had rejected another date with her. She didn’t mind. He was an idiot. The jokes that he thought were funny were stupid and immature. She was after a very smart mature sophomore in college. He was studying to be a doctor. Her mother thought she was setting her sights too high but that college cutie was already showing interest. He was by far better than that idiot of a boy her mother wanted her to hook up with but whatever. It was her life.

Their mother’s looked at them and wished each of their children were different. One wished her son was better and got better grades. The other wished her daughter was more laid back. She was always worried about her grades and had few friends while he was more laid back with a lot of friends but had no care in the world for his grades. That’s how they came up with the grand idea of them dating. He would mellow her out and she would straighten him out. Well they soon both found out life just didn’t work that way.

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Funny is what I thought.

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