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Stalker in Disguise

April 3, 2012
By SuNshiNe007 ELITE, Magee Ms., Mississippi
SuNshiNe007 ELITE, Magee Ms., Mississippi
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There's this girl named Marissa who has always been lonely and afraid. It seems all her friends has hid and will never talk to her again. Marissa knows there is God that is her friend, built she still hurts from the pain of being abandoned by her other friends. She is slowly losing herself to temptation. She's just walking into oblivion, lost and afraid; to meet her fate.
Marissa wants to feel freedom in her heart like other people do. She has felt love, or what she thought was love only once. Marissa feels as though she is cursed, because everyone always runs away from her. So, she moves to a different place. Slowly there she loses herself and temptation took her life and spun it out of control. Marissa's stalker in disguise took over and she never saw it happen because her eyes is oblivious to what she's become.
She goes to wild, drunken parties and wasts her life away now. She finds this guy and gives herself away to him, not caring what she's done. She becomes someone called a "wh***" after her third guy. She just gives herself to them then says good-bye. Marissa has ruined her life and the only way she can save whats left is to find a way to see her stalker whose taking her life away.

After about four months of this shes at home. She's lonely again and no one has come to see her in days. Marissa becomes miserable and she's desperate for the pain to stop, that's the only reason she's really doing the things she has been doing. Marissa would do anything to make the pain tearing through her stop.

Eventually she tried cutting herself on the arms. She kept them covered up though so no one can see. This is exactly what the devil, "her stalker," wants. But she cant keep them hid forever, because, one day she cuts too much. And now shes bleeding too much, so she tries to call her guy friend; but ended up leaving a voicemail saying, "Markus! Help me! I'm at my house, I'm bleeding really bad-Cant drive!"
Marissa tries to keep her eyes open but the blood loss is pulling her into a dark place. She realizes her mistakes and doesn't want to die. She realizes there is so much more and tries to say a prayer to God, but darkness pulls her under.

In the blackness, its a scary place anyone can be. Flashes of her life flashes in the darkness. Marissa sits down and curls up and cries, while the devil plays games with her. She remembers her prayer that she tried saying before she passed out. But she's in a scary place and don't know what to do.
Its been an hour with her laying out on the floor, with her life's blood seeping and pouring from her very being. Markus, her friend finally listens to his voicemail she left him. In a flash he's at Marissa's side calling 911. The ambulance arrives and thankfully is still breathing; but its weak. They rush her to the emergency room and she stays out for three days.

Markus starts to really worry for her and sleeps by her every night, never leaving her side. They finally got what blood she lost back into her. The doctors told him he is a life saver, because, if she would have lost any more blood she would not be here. Marissa never realized that he truly loved her, not only because of what she's done, or what she looks like but truly loves her and would do anything for her.

The third night Marissa finally opened her eyes. Markus was looking at her with worried eyes and she said, "you came." He said, "of course I came. and whispered in her ear, I've stayed here the whole time and I love you." That brought a smile onto her face and a tear rolling down her cheek. Then he said, "Its okay, I'm here for you now and always will be." She says, "And I'll love you with everything in me for the rest of eternity!"
After she got out of the hospital her stalker in disguise she never saw again. Her life went up instead of down. Her and Markus got married that summer. A year later they had their first daughter named Jessica. Marissa prays she wont turn out like she had. And now, Marissa, Markus, and their beautiful daughter Jessica lives in a happy place full of peace and harmony.

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