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End of the World

April 24, 2012
By LyverinthsWalk BRONZE, Lebanon, Maine
LyverinthsWalk BRONZE, Lebanon, Maine
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“I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.” - Frida Kahlo

Once again in the midst of all time, someone, just someone, not one person can prevent the end from occurring whether it will ruin our feeble minded souls, or tears us to pieces from head to toe. All we do is stand there and let it comes to us, we led it to our heels and let it destroy the rest. From one to all no one understands, all it takes is someone to take the stand.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, what does this mean to you? Well it means everything. The Mayan Calendar ends and Green Day comes out with it’s new album. Or was it somebody else perhaps Phish, who knows for all I care is wanting to see the apocalypse. May 12, 2011 it was supposed to happen, but it didn’t. It was just really hot, hot enough to make you sweat gallons and get a nice, red sunburn. December is to come though. What will happen then, Zombie Apocalypse, or just the world blowing up? Dinosaur Extinction rerun or just like the movie 2012? I could think up thousands of ways, but it will never happen. Just a myth, folk lore, my fairy tale fantasy, a dream come true. A nightmare. Everyone would die, all the species on Earth would go extinct. I believe it would happen like this...
As I hiked up Mount Washington I felt the cool breeze swish my hair into my face blocking my view of the peak. I removed an elastic from my bony wrist and pulled my nuisance hair out of my face. The peak of Mount Washington was coming into view, but I still had a couple thousand feet to go. It didn’t matter because I planned on going on to the Appalachian Trail, although this was the end. I was destined to do it, backwards. The sun that was previously blinded my eyes and began to be blocked by a puffy gray cloud. Great rain, I thought to myself. I sighed and kept searching the sky, the moon was towards my left, funny because it started towards my right. No bother though it still was day. The moon and sun didn’t move, we did.
I began to accelerate my my speed up the mountain taking ten seconds breaks every ten minutes to take a nice long gulp of my warm water. My water was ice cold, but it didn’t stay icy very long due to this 90 degree weather. Although I think that the temperature has risen since this morning. I was going higher up the mountain, higher elevation and altitude, so how could it keep on getting warmer? It’s supposed to get colder, and supposed to have thinner air supply. I still could breathe perfectly well and I was not being cooled off. Maybe by the wind, but it hardly had an effect.
I felt only seconds pass and I finally reached the summit. I smiled, my goal had been attained! “Yahooooo!” I yelped for joy. I felt excruciatingly hot and my body was drenched in sweat. The sky was oddly bright, I looked up. “Holy mother of god...” I gasped. The sun, it was huge! I was close to it, it looked like a giant ball of fire just a couple thousand of feet above my head, it was a lot farther away than that, but it definitely was not far away anymore. How is this possible?
I felt the temperature increase, looking at my watch I saw that it had reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit. I looked at the sky, the sun was gradually moving closer towards me. Oh god. I took a deep breath and then started running down the mountain. I was glad I had trained for this. I had completed 7 running marathons the previous summer, and ran ten miles at Planet Fitness every morning. I ran faster, avoiding bushes, and leaping over boulders and rocks. It felt hotter, my heart beat pace had increased, but the sun was getting closer too. I felt my anxiety creep up on me and I started freaking out in my head. Oh no, what if the Earth blows up, will I be able to get my promotion and support my sick mother and cancerous sister? Oh no, what if I loose everything? What if we die! I started picking up speed, I was looking at the bottom of the mountain where people started to gather. They had their hands shielding there eyes, they were looking at the sun. I screamed trying to warn them, “You guys! Get the H*LL OUT OF HERE!!!! THE IS GETTING CLOSER!!” They turned their heads to me, just as I began to reach the bottom, I tripped. I went head over heels towards the bottom. My elbows scraping gritty rocks, blades of grass slicing my knees, and my head banging against the ground, and sedimented rocks. My body began to hurt really bad, serious pain was shooting through my body. I felt my head’s pulse throb in extreme intensity that felt ten times worse than my regular migraines. I came to a stop, my body in a heap and in serious pain. I had my arms wrapped around my head. “EVERYONE RUN! THE SUN’S GONNA BLOW!” I heard a spectator scream. Then I heard a group of panic and looked up to see them running away, flailing their arms. “No duh,” I muttered to myself. I had the breath knocked out of me, but I could still be a smart alec.
I groaned and tried to get up, the heat was getting to me, and so was the pain. “Help...” I croaked. I pushed my arms underneath myself and tried to lift. I was to weak. I tried again, the ground began to vibrate. What the heck, I thought to myself. I looked around, rocks were bouncing off the ground and the street began to tip one way. Earthquake? No, I thought of a Swiftly Tilting Planet, oh god we’re tilting! This got me going. My adrenaline kicked in. My pain came to an end and I jumped up. I ran after the screaming spectators.
They were headed towards the police station. “Help!” I heard them scream. I screamed back, “The police can’t control gravity you imbeciles!” I ran past the station and the freaked out crowd. We were going to die, or be tipped off into space. I realized I was running down hill and I thought I was going the wrong way until I remembered that the Earth was tilting. Cars in neutral began to slip past me, kicking up dirt into my eyes. I ran faster, I had to get to my family. The road got steeper as I ran down. The planet tilting was going to relate in a gigantic flip, all of us flying into the sky.
I got to my porch and began to unlock the door with my spare key, I was standing on the porch railing for support since I couldn’t stand on the porch floor anymore due to the fact that I might just fall to the bottom of the porch. I pushed the door up and open and slid in. Walking on the walls that were now the floors, I called out, “Marcy? Mom?” I didn’t hear anything. “Marcy? MOM!” “MARCY, MOM!” I screamed. “JANIE!” I heard my sister scream. I fumbled my way over the walls and found my mom and sister in Marcy’s gigantically absurd, empty closet. They were huddled in the corner with blankets over themselves. “Guys! It’s friggin 110 degrees out, maybe even close to 150 now, aren’t you fried with that blanket?” “Janie shut up, your sister is in shock.” My mom whispered worriedly. “Oh no, is she okay?” “No she just keeps murmuring, ‘A Swiftly Tilting Planet, just like the book dad said,’ I told her no and now she is freaked out and won’t stop murmuring.” I crouched down on the side of the wall. “Yes Marcy, it’s just like Dad said, ‘A Swiftly TIlting Planet.’ Remember that? Dad wrote a book about his theories on the Earth, Moon, and Sun,” I paused, we had all thought he was a loony, he killed himself after he heard my mom talking to a Shrink about putting him in a Physco Ward, “I guess dad was right.” I frowned and looked through the window. The sun was way too close now. I could feel it’s heat radiating down on us even with the battery Air Conditioner we had. I watched as trees on the horizon started smoking and caught on fire. “Daddy was right. We are all doomed. If only you had listened to him mom.” Marcy muttered. She was out of her frenzic shock and now blaming mom for this catastrophe. “No time for this Marcy, we need to be happy and hold each other in our arms.” I tried to smile. It wasn’t fair, Marcy wasn’t ever going to be able to live to 20 years old, and now she is going to die at the age of 8. I was going to die at 19, but I am far from not being ready. I was ready since the day Dad had committed himself to a coffin. I had never even gotten the chance to go to college. I had a scholarship to the state university, but it was too late now. I grabbed Marcy and my mother’s hands. Mom pulled me into a hug. “Janie, I love you, take care of Marcy in heaven.” “What?” I asked. “Take care of her in heaven.” “Aren’t you going?” “No, I am going to H*ll with your father.” “How could you even say that!” I growled. She could be so selfish at sometimes. I held back from lashing out, I was staying calm for Marcy’s sake not for her’s or mine.
I looked out the window, all population of human’s had retreated. We were now lying on the top of the wall, a wild fire had begun. The heat was beginning to be unbearable. I pulled Marcy towards me, “we are going to be just fine.” A single tear leaked from my right eye. Marcy looked up and smiled, “Thank you.” Mom had a sneer on her face, but I reached out and grabbed her hand. “Mom, I love you.” She wasn’t going to believe me, but her face calmed and all the wrinkles faded from her scrunched up face. I closed me eyes. I the fire reach our house, and then blackness.
The earth exploded from the it’s core of lava, and the sun. The heat had evaporated all of the Earth’s water. After Earth turning to ash, the sun grew from the Earth’s particles and kept on moving through space.

The author's comments:
This piece is my prediction of the end of the world, enjoy!

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